The Kingdom, by Witness Lee

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We are in the Lord’s recovery. The Lord’s recovery is radically different from today’s Christianity. Regardless of how careful we are and how properly we behave ourselves, we can never avoid controversy. What shall we do? Never argue, for argument never avails. In the Lord’s recovery, our best course of action is to bind the strong man by prayer. If we will spend more time before the throne touching the highest authority, appealing to the highest authority, and asking the Lord to bind the strong man, we will certainly see something happen.

Today, the controversy between the Lord’s recovery and Christianity is absolutely related to the mind. Many people cling to their doctrines. It was the same during the time of the Lord Jesus! If you reflect upon the situation which the Lord Jesus faced while He was on the earth as recorded in the four Gospels, you will see that there was a continual controversy, a battling, between the Lord Jesus and the Pharisees, scribes, and lawyers. All of those people had acquired many doctrines and teachings, and they fought against the Lord Jesus with the Scriptures. There was a constant warfare between the Lord Jesus and all the religious people. In the four Gospels, it is difficult to find a record of any Gentiles fighting against the Lord Jesus. Those who fought against Him were the people who held to their Bible knowledge. The battle was in their minds. Today the controversy between the Lord’s recovery and Christianity is the same. If we stay in the realm of knowledge, we can accomplish nothing. Not one of the scribes, lawyers, or Pharisees was convinced by the Lord’s arguments. The more we argue, the more we strengthen the stronghold of Satan and the satanic kingdom, which is in the human mind.


However, we do have a way: bind the strong man by exercising our spirit. We must have the constant realization and awareness that Satan is in the human body controlling the human mind, and the Lord Jesus is in the human spirit, waiting for an opportunity to spread Himself into all the inward parts of the human soul. We must always cooperate with the Lord Jesus by exercising our spirit. The best way to exercise our spirit is to forget our thoughts and simply call, "O Lord Jesus!" Calling, "O Lord Jesus" will simplify you. The more you call on the Lord in this way, the more simple you will become. You will be simple, but you will have a strong spirit. Then you will no longer like to argue. When you touch the human mind, you touch the stronghold of Satan. If you touch that stronghold, you will suffer. Instead, turn to the spirit. When you turn to the spirit, Satan will tremble.

(The Kingdom, Chapter 9, by Witness Lee)