Lesson Book, Level 3: Two Spirits—Two Spirits - the Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit, by Witness Lee


John 20 is the first account of the Lord coming to the believers as the life-giving Spirit. The disciples were gathered together in an upper room with all the doors shut for fear of the Jews. Three days earlier they had seen the Lord Jesus crucified.

[Suddenly Jesus was standing among them and saying, "Peace be to you"! His words were few, but He breathed into them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit" (John 20:22). His words could also be translated, "Receive the holy breath." A few more words, and He was gone. He came in without anyone’s opening the door; He left without saying good-bye. It was not that He went away. Rather, He entered into them as the holy breath. From then on, wherever the disciples were, Jesus was also there. He was within them! Here is Christ in resurrection becoming the indwelling Spirit.]

[We can all be assured that this Christ is within us. Wherever we go, He is within. When we are happy with Him, attending the meetings, praying, and pray-reading, we may not have a strong sense that He is within. But if we go against Him, He will appear to us in a strong way. If we go to a movie or to a gambling casino, He will speak to us from within, "What are you doing here?" Our Lord is real, living, present, and within. We do not have a religion. What need have we for a religion? We have the living Christ! He is what we need and what we have.

He is real, living, and powerful, yet kind, loving, and patient. We must not think that if we offend Him, He will leave. The more we offend Him, the more He will convince us that He will never leave!]

The Lord who we should enjoy each day is no longer just in the heavens. He has gone through a great process to become the life-giving Spirit. As such a Spirit, He can come to dwell within our spirit and give life to us. The life He gives is the life of the Triune God Himself. What a Spirit we have! He is the all-inclusive, compound, life-giving, indwelling Spirit who is the processed Triune God!


The last Adam becoming a life-giving Spirit indicates that God has gone through a process. God has passed through incarnation, human living, crucifixion, and resurrection to become the life-giving Spirit. Christ comes as this Spirit to enter into the believers. This indwelling Christ is within the believers for their experience and will never leave.


  1. How does 1 Corinthians 15:45b show us that God has gone through a process?
  2. Diagram the process of the divine economy.
  3. Give two verses that show that Christ and the Spirit are one.
  4. Where is the Lord Jesus today?
  5. Describe how the disciples first received Christ as the life-giving Spirit.
  6. After Christ comes to indwell us, will He ever leave?

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(Lesson Book, Level 3: Two Spirits—Two Spirits - the Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit, Chapter 4, by Witness Lee)