Life-Study of Leviticus, by Witness Lee

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A. The Main Element of the Meal Offering

The meal offering is made of fine flour. Fine flour, therefore, is the main element of the meal offering. This fine flour signifies Christ’s humanity.

Christ’s humanity is fine, but our humanity is rough and coarse. We may appear outwardly to be gentle and nice, but actually we are rough. Among the human race Christ is the only one who is gentle; only He is the fine flour. With Him there is no roughness. His humanity is fine, perfect, balanced, and right in every way. From every angle—front and back, top and bottom, right and left—He is right.

B. Produced out of Wheat Which Has Passed through Many Processes

The fine flour of the meal offering is produced out of wheat which has passed through many processes, including being sown, buried to die, growing up, being beaten by the wind, frost, rain, and sun, and then being reaped, threshed, sifted, and ground. These processes signify the varied sufferings of Christ which made Him “a man of sorrows” (Isa. 53:3). In His human living the Lord Jesus had sorrow upon sorrow.

C. Being Perfect in Fineness, Evenness, Tenderness, and Gentleness and Fully Balanced, with No Excess and No Deficiency

The fine flour is perfect in fineness, evenness, tenderness, and gentleness and is fully balanced, with no excess and no deficiency. This signifies the beauty and excellence of Christ’s human living and daily walk. Christ’s humanity is perfect. There is no comparison between His humanity and our natural, fallen humanity.


A. Signifying the Spirit of God

The oil of the meal offering signifies the Spirit of God (Luke 4:18; Heb. 1:9). Christ is a man, and as a man He has an excellent humanity. He also has the divine element, which is the Spirit of God. The divine element is in the Spirit of God and is the Spirit of God.

As the meal offering, Christ is full of oil. We may even say that He has been “oiled.” He has been mingled with oil. This means that His humanity has been mingled with His divinity.

B. Poured upon the Fine Flour

In the meal offering the oil is poured upon the fine flour. This signifies that the Spirit of God was poured upon Christ (Matt. 3:16; John 1:32).


A. Signifying the Fragrance of Christ in His Resurrection

Frankincense is sweet smelling and causes people to have a very pleasant feeling. In typology, the frankincense in the meal offering signifies the fragrance of Christ in His resurrection.

(Life-Study of Leviticus, Chapter 11, by Witness Lee)