Life-Study of Leviticus, by Witness Lee

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The fifth point is our realization that three items are crucial to us.

God as Our Unique Goal

God Himself should be our unique goal, our unique aim. Apart from Him we should not have any other goal. We should not seek anything other than God. Our goal is the Triune God processed, completed, and consummated to be our full enjoyment.

Respecting God’s Completed Work

We all need to respect God’s completed work, the work that God has accomplished for our interest and for our rest. God’s work has been accomplished, and it has been accomplished for our rest. Therefore, we need to regard God Himself and His work for our interest.

God’s work has a result, and this result is His enlargement, His extension. This enlargement is the Body of Christ, which is the mingling of the processed Triune God and His chosen and redeemed people as one entity. This entity is God’s dwelling, God’s embodiment, and God’s expression. Eventually, it will be God’s manifestation in eternity.

Obeying God

Based upon the fact of having God as our unique goal and regarding His completed work, we obey God. To obey God simply means to go along with God. To obey God is to agree with all that He is and with all that He has accomplished. When we obey God, we agree with God and with His work. We also agree with the result of God’s work, which is His enlargement. When we agree with God and go along with Him, we spontaneously obey Him, and by obeying Him we receive His rich blessing.


Finally, we need to see that there is the need for those who are willing and able to enjoy God, to enjoy God’s work, and to enjoy the result of God’s work. If we would be those who enjoy God, God’s work, and the result of God’s work, we need to respond to God’s desire by making a vow. Our response to God’s desire that we be His enjoyers should not be ordinary but particular. This means that it should be a vow. We need to make a vow in which we tell God that we shall enjoy Him according to what is revealed in the book of Leviticus. We should tell Him that we want to enjoy Him by regarding Him, by respecting His work, and by honoring the result of His work. This is a vow to enjoy the processed, completed, and consummated Triune God. This Triune God is embodied in Christ, and Christ is one with His Body, which is His expression.

We all need to regard God, His work, and the result of His work, go along with Him, and become those who enjoy Him. For this, we have to respond to God by making a vow. Are you willing to do this? Let us all make such a vow today.

(Life-Study of Leviticus, Chapter 64, by Witness Lee)