The Visions of Ezekiel, by Witness Lee


All four wheels have the same appearance, the same likeness (1:16). This tells us that the move of the Lord has the same likeness and appearance—whether it is through us, through the church in Los Angeles, through the church in Houston, through the church in Seattle, through the church in Chicago, through the church in Toronto, through the church in Cleveland, or through the church in any other place. All the moves bear the same appearance of the Lord. Therefore, the likeness of all the wheels is the same. If the church in Houston has a likeness that is different from the church in Los Angeles something is wrong. All four wheels have the same likeness. Sometimes people in a local church think that they need to build up their own local distinction, that they need to build up something typically, uniquely local. But we must see that all four wheels bear the same likeness. Do you think that the wheel moving in New Zealand will be altogether different in appearance from the wheel that is moving in Los Angeles? Do you think that the wheel in New Zealand bears one likeness, and the wheel in the United States bears another likeness, and the wheel in Germany bears a third likeness? All must bear the same appearance. Some people might say that the churches in New Zealand are simply following the church in Los Angeles. But the church in Los Angeles must also follow the churches in New Zealand. All the local churches must be mutual followers of one another (1 Thes. 2:14).


All the wheels are dreadfully high (1:18). We should never make ourselves great. We all must be little ones. The wheel beside us, however, must be so high that it is dreadful. We should not have a small wheel only two inches in diameter. In our city there must be a high wheel, dreadfully high, that will surprise all of Christianity. All the wheels must be so high that they are dreadful.


The high and dreadful wheel is full of eyes (1:18). According to the spiritual experience, this is absolutely correct. If a church has no move and no wheel beside it, surely that church will also be blind. If you have no move and yet you claim you have some move, you are blind. You have no eyes. On the contrary, if your church has a high and dreadful move, within that move there will be many eyes. You will have the insight and the foresight and all kinds of sight. If you are a Christian having no wheel and only knowing how to behave properly, to love your job, to love your family, to love your home, to do things well, and you do not care for the wheel, you are a blind person. If you mean business with the Lord for His move today on this earth, you will have foresight and insight and all kinds of sight. You will be full of eyes. This is why the Apostle Paul was so clear. He was clear about the present time; he was clear about the future; he was clear about the world situation; he was clear about the Word, about the church, about the physical things, the spiritual things—he was clear about everything. He was a person full of eyes. Some Christians do not have even half an eye. Some of the local churches have no eyes. They are fully blinded. This is because they do not have the wheels, the move of the Lord. The more we have the move of the Lord, the more we will be enlightened. The more we move, the more we will be able to see.

During the past years I have done much traveling. I have traveled throughout China, America, and Europe. The more I traveled, the more eyes I received. The more move you have, the more you can see. In 1958 I traveled through thirty different countries. By that traveling I received many eyes; I saw many things. Do not be covered by your environment. Do not be like a frog at the bottom of a well—able only to see what is directly above you in a very narrow way. You must jump out of the well and travel so that you may have more sight. The wheel is full of eyes. As it goes it sees; as it runs it sees. If it stops running, it stops seeing. The church must be like this. We see by going on. The more we go on, the more we see. It may be that today we can see only this much, but tomorrow we will go on and we will see more. If we drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we will see many things. But if we stop driving, we will stop seeing. We Christians must always be moving people. The church must move in order to see.

(The Visions of Ezekiel, Chapter 6, by Witness Lee)