Life-Study of Genesis, by Witness Lee

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Hiram’s father was a Tyrian, a man of Tyre (1 Kings 7:14). According to Ezekiel 28, Tyre was a place filled with commerce (Ezek. 28:16). Tyre was a commercial center, a place of international trade, like today’s Hong Kong. Because Tyre was filled with merchandise, she was one with Satan (Ezek. 28:12). Ezekiel 28 reveals that the king of Tyre was one with Satan and even the very embodiment of Satan. Where commerce is, there Satan is also, for Satan is in commerce. If you would see Satan today, go to the commercial city of Hong Kong.


The marriage of Hiram’s parents was against God’s holy regulation (Deut. 7:3). A woman of the tribe of the serpent married a man from the country of Satan. What a combination! This woman of the tribe of the serpent married a man from the country of Tyre because of riches, commerce.

Not only in Hiram’s day but today also you need skill to make money. For this reason there are many technical colleges in the United States. These technical schools teach skills, techniques, and trades that enable people to earn money. The only goal of colleges and universities is to train people to be money makers.

I would encourage you all to learn how to make money. I have encouraged my grandchildren to study medicine. Although some saints have tried to discourage them from studying medicine, telling them that they only need to read the Bible and love the Lord, I have said, "Don’t listen to this talk. Those who say this don’t know life. You must listen to your grandfather. He knows life better than you all. Go to study medicine." One of my grandsons took my word and earned all A’s in his first year of pre-medical studies. Do not think that this is a kind of love for the world. As you shall see, I have a definite purpose in doing this. Hiram became the builder of the pillars. But if his father had not been a Tyrian, he would not have had the skill to fashion the pillars. We all were born of a "Danite" mother and we all need a "Tyrian" father. The more of a "Tyrian" our father is, the better. If you think that I am too extreme in saying this, I would ask you to read this message to the end.

(Life-Study of Genesis, Chapter 85, by Witness Lee)