The Normal Christian Faith, by Watchman Nee

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What about the salt of the earth? The function of salt is to preserve dead objects from turning stale and stinky. If something is dead already and you apply salt, it is preserved from further corruption and decay. There are many dead objects in this world. If you look around, you will find all kinds of decaying things. They sit there rotting. Your presence as a Christian will stop these things from further deterioration.

Our job is not to clean the house, scouring the world of all its filth. The Lord never commissioned us to reform society or change the institutions. He only gave us authority to save others. We are the salt of the earth. We are merely preventing the dead systems from further decay. We have no responsibility to reform them.


The world is like a large old ship that is built of different materials. There is wood and metal. But none of them is whole; every piece is corrupted. The rudder is gone and the ship has run aground. There is a big hole, and it may sink at any moment. The time is running out. You have to decide whether you are going to save the ship or save the men on it. If there is enough time, you may be able to save both. But there is not time for both to be saved. Which one would you rescue?

Our Christian attitude is that the ship is useless. It is too old. Even if it is saved, it is nothing but junk. The engine is just a mess of scrap metal. No part can be salvaged. We give up the ship and save only the men. Get the people out and dispose of the container. Besides, our Shipowner is building a bigger ship, a brand new one. That is the one we look forward to. This is our attitude towards the world.


We believe that there is absolutely no solution to the problems of the present system, governments, and society. The only way is to ignore them. The problems will be taken care of. When the new heaven and new earth are inaugurated, the old order with all of its problems will be borne away. Today we do not take care of those problems. We only save people. Even though society at large will be somewhat affected after individuals are saved, our commission is not to save the world.


Let us look again at the Lord Jesus. He never touched the question of politics. There were many Israelites who would have pledged Him their allegiance if He had proclaimed Himself King. But He declined to assume that position. Did He not have the power to revolutionize the system? Could He not save His country? He definitely could. But He did not do it. He came to save individuals from sins. He died on the cross and resurrected only to deliver us from sins and give us a new life.

The first coming of Christ was to accomplish the work of salvation. It delivers us from sin and dispenses life to us. He did not participate in social reforms. But even today, some still see Him as a social reformer. However, He never once instigated people to reorganize the government or stage a revolution.

(The Normal Christian Faith, Chapter 15, by Watchman Nee)