The Normal Christian Faith, by Watchman Nee

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In the last century, there was a British woman politician named Christobel Pankhurst. She was the leader of the woman’s suffrage movement. Before the First World War, she tried everything she could to stop the war. But the craftiness and wickedness of the politicians of the day soon triggered the catastrophe. She then tried her best to end the war. But her efforts were in vain; the war came to an end only after four bitter years. She thought that if she could lay her hand on power, she would be able to effect political reforms. But in the end she was convinced that there was no honesty in politics. To be honest would never make one successful in the political arena. She began to lose faith in worldly systems.

One day she was looking for some books in an old bookstore in London. From a pile she pulled out a small booklet written by a Christian. It said that the world situation was going to worsen, and there was no chance of improvement. The final solution would come only when Christ comes back again. She was fully captured by its message. She wanted to know the price of the book. The owner, realizing that she was a famed politician, gave it to her as a gift.

The book was published a few decades before that time, and the author had long deceased. But she realized that what the book mentioned about the world situation was absolutely correct. Other books merely discussed the outward appearance; this one exposed the root of the situation. It said that the Lord Jesus came the first time to save sinners. The second time He comes, He will change the political systems. The booklet also mentioned some prophecies in the Bible concerning the end of the world. Because of this book, she began to read the Bible and accepted Jesus Christ to be her Savior and King. Later she resigned her political career and wrote some good books concerning the work of Christ and His second coming.


What we need today is to be proper Christians. We do not need to try to change the institutions or reform society. All of our hope rests in the coming of our Lord. When He comes, all problems will be solved. Today, we only seek after God. We wait for the coming of His Son, and we trust that in that day we will reign with Him in His glory.

(The Normal Christian Faith, Chapter 15, by Watchman Nee)