Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), by Watchman Nee


Question: I read 2 Kings 6:8-19 which says that the Syrians surrounded Dothan not for the sake of the Israelites, but to look for Elisha. When the Syrians reached Dothan, why did Elisha say, "This is not the way, neither is this the city"? Was not the man of God lying? Please instruct me. (Yin)

Answer: Elisha was a Samaritan. What he said to the Syrians was not deceiving them, because he led them to Samaria, that is, "to the man whom ye seek" (v. 19).


Question: I read Genesis 15:16, which says, "But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again." What is this fourth generation? Please answer. (Tsui)

Answer: This means that by the fourth generation the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, they would be led out of Egypt. This was literally fulfilled later. When we read Exodus 6:16-20, we see that Levi was the first generation (v. 16), Kohath, the second generation (v. 16), Amram, the third generation (v. 18), and Aaron and Moses, the fourth generation (v. 20). It was at the time of Aaron and Moses that the children of Israel left Egypt for Canaan.


Question: How does the Holy Spirit speak to man? (Acts 8:29). (Hsu)

Answer: The Holy Spirit speaks to man through the intuition in his spirit. A person cannot hear Him with his physical ears, nor can he fathom Him with his mind. He can only hear Him through his intuition. We should pay special attention to this matter at present. The intellectual ones seek after the mind of the Spirit with their mind. The zealous ones who lack scriptural knowledge and deep spiritual life try to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit with their physical ears. These will lead people down the path of error. These are the ones who are deceived by Satan. All of the Holy Spirit’s works are in our spirit (Rom. 8:16). Besides his soul, man still has a spirit. The greatest faculty of the spirit is the intuition. The intuition is the direct sense within man’s spirit. It is not a physical sense, nor a thought in the mind, but an independent feeling that does not come from any source. The voice of the Holy Spirit can be detected in the intuition. If believers today do not serve the Lord through following the intuition, they will trespass the Lord’s will often.


Question: Matthew 24:13. Will those who do not endure to the end be saved? What kind of salvation does this refer to? (Weigh)

Answer: Of course not. This does not refer to the salvation of the spirit of the believers. Rather, it refers to the salvation of the body of the Jews during the tribulation.


Question: What does the "queen of the south" in Luke 11:31 refer to? (Tsui)

Answer: It refers to the queen of Sheba in the Old Testament (2 Chron. 9:1).



Question: What are the differences between the kingdom of the heavens, the kingdom of God, and heaven? (Tsui)

Answer: There are differences. The kingdom of the heavens is God’s present administration among His children. This will be much developed in the millennial kingdom. By that time, the believers will reign with the Lord Jesus. The kingdom of God is God’s rule from eternity to eternity. The kingdom of the heavens is included in the kingdom of God. Heaven is where the Lord Jesus is now and where the believers will go in the future.


Question: Is the word "was" in Genesis 1:2 the same in the original language as the word "became" in 19:26? (Weigh)

Answer: Yes.

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), Chapter 20, by Watchman Nee)