Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), by Watchman Nee


Bi-monthly. One dollar per year. This bi-monthly magazine is a combination of the famous modernistic Life Monthly and Weekly Truth magazines. This magazine continues with the purpose of the two previous papers. Although the name of it is Truth and Life, I am afraid that what it gives to others is only "Error and Death." Most of its articles have a critical attitude toward the Old Testament, and they are concerned merely with social issues. It has nothing to meet men’s spiritual needs.

Issue No. 8

(This magazine is only responsible for the books that it considers good; we are not responsible for all the other books published by the same publishers that are not reviewed by this magazine. Do not think that just because one book is good, all the books published by the same publisher are also good.)


Free. Address:______. This is a non-periodic publication. All those who want a copy of it can ask for a copy from the correspondence address. This paper is published by a few saints who love the Lord around the Shangtung area. Its goal is: "to remind the church to forsake worldliness and to guard against the teaching of modernism, so that believers would not be shaken by all unscriptural teachings and drift away from their original faith; to encourage men to advance in doctrine, in heart, and in spiritual life through keeping the will of God." Its purpose is: "specifically given to the preaching of the genuine voice of God, the gospel of salvation, the soon coming of the Lord Jesus, the expounding of the Lord Jesus as the Son of God, the Savior of all mankind, and the Christ." We thank and praise the Lord that in this dark and apostate age, there is another paper for the Lord’s testimony. I truly hope that those brothers and sisters who are rich in faith and material goods will follow the Lord’s leading to work with this paper and to help its advance. Concerning the goal of this paper, I would humbly and gently say a few words. The church is a congregation called out of this world already. Unfortunately, the present church is no longer the church, and I say this with a sorrowful heart. Hence, there is this need "to remind the church to forsake worldliness." However, according to the prophecies in the Bible, it will be the remnant of God in the church who will forsake worldliness and human organizations and who will cleave unto the Lord. There is no such thing as "the church forsaking worldliness"! Both the world and the church will become progressively worse day by day. Hence, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, if you see the church not forsaking worldliness, but rather rejecting the Lord’s Word, do not be disappointed. Finally, I pray that God would bless the Small Voice magazine, the Spiritual Light magazine, the Bible magazine, the Revival magazine, the Morning Star magazine, and the Lamp to My Feet magazine. May the Lord bless them, and may the Lord bless The Christian!


Twenty cents. This book was translated from English. The translation is average. The writer has provided a number of helpful points concerning the interpretation of the book. After reading the book, the reader will have a clearer outline concerning the book of Galatians. The most difficult portion in the whole book of Galatians is 3:15-20.

Issue No. 9


By Dr. Torrey. The outline of this book was published in the Lecture Notes of the Encouragement Society last year. Dr. Torrey has already given this lecture in many nations and has helped the faith of many people. Dr. Torrey was able to use the simplest language to explain the deepest truth. In this book, he presented the Bible as the Word of God in a brief way. Those who are unprejudiced will find the truth in this book.

Issue No. 12


Dr. Scofield was an American Bible teacher greatly used by the Lord. He inherited the riches from great Bible scholars, such as Darby, Kelley, and Grant, and digested their writings to put together this systematic course. He has, indeed, produced the consummation of Bible scholarship! He has even developed and carried their teaching further.

This Bible correspondence course can be considered the most complete correspondence course there is in the whole world. What is contained there is not only what Dr. Scofield had received during his lifetime, but it is the culmination of the writings of God’s teachers of the truth, men such as Darby, and so forth. Dr. Scofield passed away four years ago. But I believe that "though he has died, he still speaks." We are very happy that many of our teachings take the same stand and hold the same view as Dr. Scofield. Now this course has gradually been translated into Chinese, and in February of 1927 the course will begin in Nanking. We introduce this course to our readers with much recommendation. Finally, a word of warning: any magazine or Bible correspondence course can only lead us to the springs of living water; they are not the springs of living water themselves. To study many books and courses about the Bible without studying the Bible itself is a great danger!

Those who are interested in applications to this Bible correspondence course should write a post card to "The Scofield Bible Correspondence Course, Han-si-men Orphanage, Nanking," and you will receive detailed instructions on enrollment.

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), Chapter 33, by Watchman Nee)