Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), by Watchman Nee


We have seen that many Jews are returning to their homeland. Now, not only are the living returning; the dead ones are also returning! Thirty years ago many zealous Jews organized a Zionist organization. The goal of this organization is to develop the land of Palestine and to help the Jews to return to their homeland to rebuild their homes. The recent prosperity of the Jewish land is a direct result of the work of the Zionists. The founder of this organization was Herzl. One of the most famous co-workers of Herzl was Dr. M. Nordau. Both of them have died long ago. Now Nordau’s bones have been transported to the Jewish land. Soon Herzl’s bones will be returned also. Let us quote the words of the New Palestine:

Fifteen thousand Jews received the bones of Nordau at the train station. Scouts and others all put on their military uniforms. These together with a few thousand students came to maintain order among the crowd who came to honor their dead leader. The Jewish nation is not just receiving the living, but the dead ones also. Now Nordau is once again living among us, and he is in his homeland forever! Now our feet can safely trod on our ancestors’ graves. Herzl will come back soon, and we shall rejoice by the graves of these prophets. Now we are safely dwelling in our homeland. Nordau has returned. The bones of Joseph have returned from Egypt to the land of Israel!

We praise God that all these refer to the glory of the millennium. The dry bones of Israel will soon become a standing man. The millennium is before our eyes. The Lord is coming soon, and we should be ready and watchful.


(Translated from the U.S. magazine, Watch and Pray)

Daniel prophesied that when Antichrist comes, he will change the times (Dan. 7:25). The word "times" here refers to years. Antichrist will no doubt try to change the way we reckon the years. In other words, he will try to change the calendar. In relation to this, we know that the League of Nations is now intending to change the calendar. There are now 137 different proposals being submitted to the committee for the reformulation of the calendar. How interesting this is, and how amazing it is! Even in these minor matters, the prophecies are being fulfilled, as preparations for the coming of the end.


(Translated from the same magazine)

Revelation shows us that the future great city, the Great Babylon, has much to do with ships. All the ships and captains pay much attention to it. The interesting thing is that man has now dug out sixteen million tons of dirt from the ancient Babylonian waterway, and large vessels can now sail on the waters of Mesopotamia. The Jewish Mission Report said, "In this way, the road is now open for there to be great commerce when Babylon is rebuilt again."


In 1925, there were 31,650 Jews who returned to the Holy Land. They brought along with them 1.3 million pounds sterling. Mr. S. B. Rohold said, "A certain Jewish leader was not yet a true Christian. But he has noticed that in every room of a Jewish hotel, there is one New Testament Bible."


(Translated from the U.S. magazine, Awake)

The reports from all sides show that the Jews are having increased interest in Christianity. It is said that many Jews in Palestine love to hear God’s Word. Even the son of the founder of Zionism, Mr. Theodore Herzl, has become a Christian and has joined the Baptist Church. Someone has reckoned that within the last eight years in Hungary alone there are more than eighty thousand Jews who have joined the church. This forms a sharp contrast to the seventy-two thousand Jews who joined Protestantism in the nineteenth century. Someone else has calculated that in terms of percentages the present number of Jewish Christians is five times that of the Gentile Christians. It is said that in England and Europe Jews occupy more than six hundred pulpits. The recovery of the Jews is an undisputed fact, and the time for the "natural branches" to be grafted in is at hand (Rom. 11:21-23). Of course, the believing and saved Jews are part of the church, and they have nothing to do with the Jewish remnant, who will be in the tribulation. But more than the fact that a greater number of Jews are believing in Christ, the time when they will rise up to be the preachers to the world has drawn near. Some have said that the Jews in these days, if scattered among the nations, would be able to speak a total of 492 languages. They can indeed preach the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens to the whole world within three and a half years, for they will no longer need to learn new languages, like the missionaries do who are going to a foreign country now.


Sir Wyndham Deedes said, "If Palestine is to go on progressing at the same speed as it does now, within fifteen years their works and enterprises will be so developed that the Jews will be able to manage everything in their own land." This means that the Jews will become another nation again. The British government has intended for a long time to make the East prosperous. Now it is going ahead with its plan. The building of the port at Haifa is part of this plan, and a million pounds have been spent on the project. Underground oil pipes are being laid directly from Mesopotamia to Haifa. In May of this year, 17,500 returned Jews moved into Palestine. In addition, the Jews were enthusiastically responding to the call of the Zionists engaged in battles in South Africa. Mr. Nahum Sokolom said that the hope of the Zionists is in the farmers. For the Jews to return to farming is a great mystery and a great salvation. In this way, the Jews are fast becoming the most amazing nation of the world! In finance and politics, many Jews have made outstanding achievements. The Romanian Congress recently elected four Jews as congressmen and five as representatives. The Polish government is opening all its departments to Jews and fulfilling its promise to the Association of Jews. This is the first time since the establishment of the Polish government that Jews have been admitted to be members of the Congress. The Zionist movement has received its legal status in Poland. Indeed, the fig tree is sprouting! "Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord comes....For this reason you also be ready, because at an hour when you do not expect it, the Son of Man is coming" (Matt. 24:42, 44).

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), Chapter 6, by Watchman Nee)