Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, by Witness Lee


We hope that one out of twenty saints will be a job dropping full-timer and that one out of four saints will be a weekly door-knocker. Out of one hundred meeting in a certain locality there should be five job-dropping full timers and twenty-five weekly door-knockers. Every full timer who goes out at least five days for two to three hours a day can gain one every week. A team of three full-timers who goes out for five days, two to three hours a day, could knock on at least sixty doors. Out of the sixty doors they can gain four. Thus, each full-timer can gain one a week and fifty-two a year. Five full-timers then can gain at least two hundred and fifty in a year, a two and a half times increase. The twenty-five weekly door-knockers going out two or three hours weekly can each gain at least one within two months. If each one of the twenty-five gets six yearly, they will gain another one hundred and fifty. This amounts to a fourfold increase.

Each one of us needs to wake up to be serious, to live uniquely for the gospel. When you say that you live uniquely for the gospel, you have to consider the standard of your living. Regardless of how much money you make, it should not uplift the standard. The uplifted standard will not only waste your money but also waste your time. You will spend a lot of money and waste your time and energy. Then surely you will have no time to go out. If you have a bigger lawn, either you have to mow it or you have to hire others to do it. Thus, your money, energy, and time will all be wasted. Forget about having a higher standard of living. Every week save two hours to go out. I do not mean that you should not mow your lawn or take care of your house and belongings. But knocking on doors two or three hours a week is first. Let us all do this first. Then if there is any time left, go out a second time for two or three hours. We must live uniquely for the gospel. If you are faithful to the Lord by living uniquely for His gospel, the Lord will bless. He will bless your job or your business. He will take care of you. He will fulfill His promise in Matthew 6:33. If you seek His kingdom and His righteousness, He will give you His kingdom and His righteousness with an addition of all your daily necessities.

We have no excuse. We must learn to live on this earth uniquely for His gospel. As husbands, we care for our family, for our wife, and for our children and their education. We should take care of them, but only the living for the gospel should be the first. Suppose one hundred saints are living in a locality uniquely for the gospel. Some may be too old and it would be hard for them to go out to knock on doors. Some may be too young to go out. Forty percent may be either the old ones or the younger ones. Thus, there are still sixty who will have no excuse. Since you mean business to live uniquely for the gospel, you have to go out. All the other ways have died out. We must take the way to knock on doors. I believe that you even can gain one every month by going out two to three hours a week. Recently in a certain locality, thirty saints went out in ten teams of three, baptized seven, and set up twelve home meetings within an hour and a half. At this rate they could baptize twenty-eight within one month, which is approximately one saint baptizing one a month. Sixty saints gaining one per month results in seven hundred and twenty a year. You may say that not all of these will be faithful ones, but even if fifty percent of these are discounted that still means an increase of three hundred and sixty, which is more than a three and a half fold increase yearly. These statistics show that this is the way we must take.

(Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)