Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, by Witness Lee


To be in the Lord’s new move is not just to learn the way from the training in Taipei. The way does not work without a right person. You must be a right person who always abides in the Lord. To abide in Him means to be one with Him. If you abide in Him, He promises to abide in you. You are in Him, and He is in you. You are just one with Him. Between you and Him there is no middle wall, no break, no interruption. When the Lord sent His disciples to go out, in a sense, that was He Himself going out. When the disciples went out to visit people, that was the Lord going out, so peace was with them. If you are a person abiding in the Lord all the time uninterruptedly, when you go out to knock on people’s doors, that is the Lord’s knocking. That is the Lord’s gracious visitation. You bring the Lord with you, you send the Lord to them, and you share the Lord with them. Every chosen one, every God predestinated one, is a son of peace. They will be happy to receive what you would share with them.

The Mormons go out, but they do not have such a Lord. This depends on your uninterrupted abiding. In our training in Taipei, we do not only tell the trainees how to spend their time at the homes, but we also give them some basic points they have to build up. They must be persons abiding in the Lord twenty-four hours a day.


A word from a child in elementary school does not bear the weight as the same word from someone in junior high school. The same word out of a high schooler is weightier than that out of a junior higher. The word of a college graduate is much heavier and more full of weight than the same word from a high schooler. If the elders would take the new way and be trained to go out and do things according to the trained way, they will speak the same words from the same book, The Mystery of Human Life, but their word will be much weightier than the same word from the young ones.

Suppose a brother among us who is older and has the maturity and constitution in the divine life knocks on people’s doors and sits down to speak with a young man only eighteen years of age. This young man will respect this brother’s every word because he is aged, experienced, and learned. This brother’s very person, the way he reads, and the way he speaks will catch him. If you know little about the truth and just go out with the little book to repeat it, there will not be much weight, much life, or much light. Thus, all the door-knockers should be fully saturated and soaked in the word.

I am a little concerned that many who have bought the Life-studies of the New Testament have just put them on their shelves. You have to get yourself soaked with the Life-studies. Every day at every available time you should read the messages. Do not put them on the shelf. It is good to scatter the Life-studies throughout your house. Turn to any page and read when you have even a little time. Every page has something. Every page is a pot of water. If you read it, you will get soaked and saturated. This is building up yourself to make yourself so qualified, full of the proper divine knowledge of the divine truth. Then you will be so weighty when you speak to people. This makes a great difference. This is not like two well-dressed young men from the Mormon church talking to people with no divine truth to convey. When we go out, we not only have a proper appearance, but we also have the Lord with us and have the building up of the word in our being as a person soaked in the holy truth. This makes a difference. This means a lot. A person who is weighty may go to a home and only sit while someone else talks, but even his sitting means something. All the angels will admire, and all the demons will shake at his presence. The angels will be happy with such a person.

(Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, Chapter 2, by Witness Lee)