Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, by Witness Lee


Following this, set up a meeting in their home to teach them the pure truth by first using the New Life Lessons. These lessons teach them how to start their Christian life. Then following these we must use the Truth Lessons. The Truth Lessons were written in a way to teach the believers the truth in a very good sequence and line. Now we have the first three volumes in English. If you only give the new ones a sheet of paper with points of the truth on it, they may not respect it very much. After using it, it might be put aside. However, if you would recommend these books, telling them that this series will be in four levels for four years and that each level has four volumes, they will be impressed. When they see a set of books like this, they will respect them, keep them, and treasure them.

You do not need to teach them lesson by lesson as we have done in the past one or two years. Use the line of growing in life in volume three that speaks concerning the real condition of a sinner, Christ’s redemption, forgiveness, regeneration, and justification, all in detail. You do not need to use the entire lesson. Circle or mark out certain paragraphs and teach them these certain paragraphs in about twenty minutes or at the most thirty minutes. Give them an assignment, telling them that they have to read the rest of the paragraphs.

You have to get yourself familiar with all the truth lessons. Then you can tell them that this set of Truth Lessons is in a good order. If they want to know where the Bible came from, there is a truth lesson to tell them. This will not be a lesson book to them, but their reading material. It is written in such a way that everybody can read it. They may not understand certain phrases, or terminology temporarily, but gradually they will pick them up.

If they have a question about who Jesus Christ is, show them a lesson telling them who Jesus Christ is. Ask them to read that lesson with much prayer. Then they will get the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. If they want to know what the church is, show them a lesson on the church. In other words, give them a little portion for your teaching, but assign them to read the rest of the paragraphs of a certain lesson.

They also need a complete Bible including the Old Testament. I still like to recommend the American Standard Version. Although it is an old translation, it is still quite good. Also encourage them to get a copy of the Recovery Version of the New Testament because they can read all the notes. After this, recommend to them our publications, such as the rainbow booklets, the Life-study Messages, and the many other small books. Encourage them to get these publications gradually and lead them to grow into the habit of reading the Bible and the spiritual books.

(Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)