Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, by Witness Lee


We need to go to preach the high gospel. The booklet we have published entitled The Mystery of Human Life really works. Thousands have been saved through this booklet. In it is the central way to present people the high gospel starting from God’s creation of man. The parts of man are presented with a diagram of three circles showing man’s spirit, soul, and body. It unveils God’s intention to come into man’s spirit so that man as a container, a vessel, may contain God. This high gospel of God’s economy captures the thoughtful, educated people. After being educated, nearly every human being begins to think about the meaning of human life. Before the trainees presented the booklet, many said they were not interested. But the trainees said, "Just give us thirty seconds to read to you from The Mystery of Human Life." This subject attracts people. After listening to the reading of the first page, many will say it is very good. When you hear "very good," that means that person is a son of peace. When he says "very good" or "not bad," that is the time for you to say, "Let’s pray." Then you can turn to the back of the booklet and lead him to pray and call upon the name of the Lord. Following this, read the portion in the back of the booklet on baptism and show him Mark 16:16—believe and be baptized. Then lead him to be baptized in his bathtub. Exercise the authority in heaven and on earth that has been given to you. Regardless of this person’s status, he will be a little lamb, going along with you to get changed and get into the water. In baptism we have a very prevailing prayer: "Lord, we place this one into You. We baptize him into the Triune God." This is the way to get people baptized within fifteen minutes.

I met a brother who is a sales manager over a region covering half of the United States. Under his management are one thousand five hundred salesmen. He told me that the way to make sales is exactly the same as our instructions to knock on doors. I was happy to hear this. He even said that there were probably some points that they could learn of us. In his training of people to sell door to-door, the first point is the proper dress and behavior. He said you should neither dress too casually nor too extravagantly. We instructed the trainees in Taipei in the same way related to their appearance. The second point with his salesmen is to have a preparation time. Even their salesmen before going out have a time to come together to have a little conference to get themselves prepared. We shared that we need to get ourselves prepared by prayer before going out. Then they advise to keep the approach short. Do not have a long talk. A long talk will annul the deal. We have shared the same thing. Then this brother advises his salesmen to follow the training they offer. It is specific and it works. As we have pointed out, this means not to speak your own words, but to speak every word according to the training’s instructions.

(Being Desperate and Living Uniquely for the Gospel, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)