The Spirit and the Body, by Witness Lee

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At the end of the book of Revelation we see two consummations, one negative and the other positive. The negative consummation is the lake of fire, and the positive consummation is the city of water. Whatever the seven burning lamps search out and judge will go to the lake of fire. But whatever has been infused into us by the seven eyes of the redeeming Christ will be built into the New Jerusalem. The lake of fire is a collection of everything that has been judged by the seven lamps of burning fire. Thus, the seven lamps are for searching, judging, and sending the negative things into the lake of fire. On the one hand, the seven Spirits of God are the seven judging and searching lamps; on the other hand, they are seven transfusing eyes, transfusing all that Christ is into us to make us part of the city of water, the positive consummation. Hallelujah, we are not going to the lake of fire, but to the city of water!


Because your condition is not pure, some of you are still under the seven burning lamps. You are still involved with certain things that need to be searched and judged. Mainly we are not under the flaming lamps, but under the infusing eyes. Are you under the searching lamps or the infusing eyes? I am happy to be under the seven eyes. Suppose you are about to quarrel with your wife. The seven eyes will immediately become the seven lamps. At such a time, you need to repent and say, "O Lord Jesus, forgive me. I am still in the flesh, and I am so pitiful. Lord, thank You for Your blood. I confess my failure and I apply Your blood to my situation." Whenever you do this, the seven lamps turn into the seven eyes looking at you, and immediately you are once again under His transfusing. Christ’s essence and certain of His attributes are transfused into your being.

Some of you may not know how to answer when asked if you are under the seven lamps or the seven eyes. If you are honest, you will say that you are under both, for quite often you have been involved with the things that are destined to go to the lake of fire. You have been related to the wrong consummation. But by the Lord’s mercy, whenever you repent and apply the blood, you are immediately connected to the right consummation. Hallelujah, now you are connected to the New Jerusalem under the transfusing of the seven eyes of the Lamb.


Recently in the Lord’s recovery there has been much talk about the building. The building actually issues out of the seven eyes of the stone. The seven eyes are not only the seven eyes of the administrating God, but also the seven eyes of the redeeming Lamb and even more the seven eyes of the building stone. When we are involved with negative things and are connected to the wrong consummation, the lake of fire, the seven Spirits are the seven burning lamps of God to search us and to judge us. But if we repent and apply the blood of the Lamb, these seven Spirits of God immediately become the seven eyes of the Lamb. When we say, "Lord, thank You for the cleansing of Your redeeming blood," the seven Spirits of God, which are the seven eyes of the redeeming Lamb, become the seven eyes of the stone. When in experience the Spirit of God becomes the seven eyes of the stone, His looking upon us brings about a transfusion, and it immerses us into all that Christ is. This makes us the proper material for God’s building. Moreover, it builds us into God’s building. I realize that we are still short of this building, but I believe that this building has already begun. In the coming days all the churches will be brought into such a state that the saints will be under the seven eyes not only of God and the Lamb, but also of the stone. We shall be under the infusing of the building Christ.

As the unique stone, the building Christ will infuse into us all He is. He will immerse us into His very essence to make us stones and to build us into God’s building. This building work can be accomplished only by the transfusing and infusing of the seven eyes of the building stone, which is the building Christ. In the coming days, many of us will be under this transfusing, and we shall become the proper material to be built together into God’s building. This is the conclusion of the life-giving Spirit unfolded as the seven Spirits of God in the book of Revelation.

(The Spirit and the Body, Chapter 8, by Witness Lee)