The Spirit and the Body, by Witness Lee

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Because our spirit is now our inner man, every Christian is two beings: the old being in the soul and the new being in the spirit. Our old man is in our soul, and our new man is in our spirit. The Bible says that our old man, the being in our soul, has been crucified (Rom. 6:6). God would never tolerate our having two men. One of the two must go. Hence, the old man was crucified on the cross. When I read Romans 6 fifty years ago, I was troubled by the verse which says that our old man has been crucified. I said to myself, "If this man is dead, how can I live?" At that time I did not see the fact that, although the Lord had crucified my old man on the cross, in regeneration Christ had come into my spirit to make my spirit a new man. Formerly our soul was the man and our spirit was the organ. But now that we have been regenerated the opposite is true. Our spirit has become the man, and now our soul is merely an organ, no longer the being or the personality.


Often we Christians are not very clear about the little revelation we have received. For example, we often say that we live by the spirit. But if the spirit is still an organ and not a man with life in it, how can we live by this organ? When we say that we live by our spirit, we need to see that this means our spirit now has become a being with life in it. Our spirit has life in it, and this life is Christ. This is why Galatians 2:20 says, "No more I, but Christ lives in me." This verse does not say, "Not my life, but the life of Christ lives in me." This verse does not refer to a life, but to a person. The "I" used to be the person, but now Christ, a new person, lives in me. I used to be the person in my soul, but now Christ is the new person in my spirit.

Now that Christ is in our spirit, we still have two organs: the body and the soul. Formerly the two organs were the body and the spirit; now the second organ is no longer the spirit, but the soul. Our soul used to be our personality, and our spirit was an organ. But now our spirit is our personality, and our soul has become an organ. This is the reason we can live and walk by our spirit. In our spirit we have not merely an organ; we have the life which is Christ Himself. Christ as the life in our spirit makes our spirit a new being with a new personality. This new being is called the inner man. This inner man needs to be strengthened, empowered. Oh, we all must see this! This is crucial! I was a Christian for more than forty years before I saw this matter. Only during the past ten years have I seen that our human spirit used to be an organ, but that now it is a man. One day the Lord pointed this out to me and said, "Look, now your personality is not in the soul, but in the spirit. The personality in your soul has been crucified, put to death." When we say our soul has been crucified and that we must deny it, we do not mean that the functions of the organ of the soul have been crucified or must be denied. The functions of the soul are still present, for today the soul is an organ. It is the being, the personality, in the soul that has been crucified and dealt with. Therefore, now there is a new being, a new personality, in our spirit. This new personality is Christ Himself. Because the divine life is in our spirit, our spirit has become the new man, the inner man. How wonderful this is! We can live and walk by this new man. If this one matter is made clear to you, you will be changed.

(The Spirit and the Body, Chapter 10, by Witness Lee)