Christ as the Reality, by Witness Lee


Now let us apply all these things in a practical way. Many Christians would like to be angels. And we all expect to be powerful, spiritual, and heavenly. Perhaps you have never had the desire to be an angel, but you did hope to be a spiritual person full of power and able to do many miracles. But among millions of real Christians today, where is such a man? There are always many exaggerated reports, but once you go there, there is nothing. God’s economy today is not like that. His purpose is that we drink of this uplifted humanity. God has no intention of making us angels, but of making us normal Christians with a normal humanity. Of course, we do not mean that we must be naturally human, but “Jesusly” human. We do not need any more of this poor, fallen humanity. Our humanity is not suitable to be brought to God the Father as the meal offering. Our humanity is only good for the lake of fire.

We must learn to take the humanity of Jesus to be a proper person. If under God’s sovereignty you are a young man, you must behave yourself as a proper young man. I do not mean according to the worldly standard, but according to the humanity of Jesus. If under God’s sovereignty you are a wife, a husband, a father, or a mother, you must be a proper one, not according to our standard, but according to God’s standard. God’s intention is that we would have a proper family life, not by our humanity, but by the humanity of Jesus. We should be different from all the other husbands or wives, whether they are good or bad. Their standard is not ours. Our standard is much higher and more practical than theirs. Ours is the humanity of Jesus.

Where is the humanity of Jesus today? We have already seen that the humanity of Jesus is in the Spirit of Jesus. If we will drink of the Spirit of Jesus, we will obtain the element of His humanity. As a husband, the Lord’s humanity will strengthen you to be a husband who is absolutely agreeable with God’s economy. It will not be according to any Christian standard or social standard. Neither Christianity nor society should be the standard of our human living. Our Christian living must be up to the standard of the humanity of Jesus.

Young people have asked me if Christians should have any kind of exercise for their health. We do need some exercise, but to exercise in the same way as the world is wrong. Even in the matter of bodily exercise, we need the humanity of Jesus. Some young people seeking to go on with the Lord have said that they could never exercise with unbelievers. I told them that they were one hundred percent right. I do not believe that any Christian who is one with the Lord can play in certain games and be on certain teams. Many times I partake of bodily exercise, but it is not according to my own natural humanity, but the humanity of Jesus. It is not a matter of whether we exercise or not. It is absolutely a matter of what kind of humanity we are exercising. If you exercise your own humanity, that is wrong. We all must be one with Jesus in whatever we do by taking Him as our humanity. If we cannot take His humanity in any course of action, we had better not do it. I do not mean we should not be a human being. We must be the best human being, but not by our own humanity. We need the humanity of Jesus, and this humanity is in the Spirit of Jesus.

(Christ as the Reality, Chapter 12, by Witness Lee)