Christ as the Reality, by Witness Lee


Now we must see something of the ingredients of the meal offering. As we have mentioned, the main substance is the fine flour, which is derived from the vegetable life. In the Bible, the vegetable life always refers to the Lord’s humanity. As a man, the Lord Jesus is so perfect, even as fine flour. Fine flour is perfect in its evenness, its fineness, its tenderness, and in its gentleness, thus revealing the balance and evenness of the Lord’s humanity.

Some sisters are a little too emotional, and some brothers are a little too mental. Some sisters are so emotional that it seems they never think at all. Some brothers, on the other hand, think too much. Whenever you talk with them, they turn their eyes—a strong proof that they are exercising their mind. I have seen some brothers who are so cold that they cannot even laugh. This means they are not fine, not balanced, and not even; neither are they tender and gentle.

But the Lord Jesus in His humanity is so fine, so even, so tender, and so gentle. When it was time for joy, He was joyful (John 11:15). When it was time for tears, He wept (John 11:35). As a man He was so finely balanced. Sometimes He was bold in rebuking the evil ones, but He was not rough (Matt. 21:12-13; 23:33). He was still fine and even. This is the fine flour. I do not have adequate utterance to speak about the perfect humanity of Christ. It is better to pray-read the four Gospels once more with this point in view. Then we will see the fineness of all His behavior in His human living.

It is this perfect Christ who constitutes our present to God in the tent of meeting. It is not a gift from God to us, but a present from us to God. When we come to the church meeting, we need to offer such a perfect Christ in His humanity as a kind of present to God. We can say, “Father, here is a dear present for You, and this present is just the man Jesus in His humanity.” God will be so pleased to receive such a present.

It is no wonder that God is perfect, but that a man is perfect is an astounding fact. Praise the Lord that upon the earth among the human race there was a man so perfect, so even, so fine, and so tender! He was just like the fine flour. This is the humanity of Jesus. This is Jesus, the man. Nothing could be so dear and precious to God as a present to Him of the humanity of Jesus in the tent of meeting. Our present to God must be the man Jesus whom we appreciate, enjoy, and experience all day long.


In Leviticus 1, we cannot find the word “memorial.” But this word is used many times in chapter two concerning the meal offering. Its significance is greater than that of satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with something, you can never have a memorial of it. But when you are exceedingly satisfied with something, it becomes a continual memorial to you. This is the man Jesus, the perfect man, the fine man, presented to God by us. This is the greatest satisfaction to God, and this satisfaction eventually becomes a memorial to God forever. It is for eternity.

Here in Los Angeles we have been enjoying Christ so much, and I believe that as we experience the man Jesus more and more, we will have such a dear present to God in our church meeting. This will become an eternal memorial to God, and even to us. I believe that in eternity, we will still remember the enjoyment that we had of the humanity of Jesus on Elden Avenue in Los Angeles. It is better than satisfaction.

The words “sweet savor” are also used concerning the meal offering unto God. Some versions translate this as “fragrance of rest.” It is a sweet odor that causes God to be so restful. If we present the man Jesus from our experience as a real present to God, this will become a sweet odor, a restful fragrance, and a satisfying savor.

(Christ as the Reality, Chapter 4, by Witness Lee)