Christ as the Reality, by Witness Lee


We all need to be solid men and women with a proper humanity. In the New Jerusalem, there is not one piece of clay. All the materials are precious stones, very solid and strong. This is the humanity of Jesus. We all need to be very solid in the Lord’s humanity. We should not remain as a piece of clay, but be transformed by the Lord’s humanity into precious materials for God’s building. The transforming element under the work of the Holy Spirit is the humanity of the Lord Jesus. If we are light and loose, without realizing the humanity of Jesus in our daily walk, there will be no standing of the church life and no spread of the Lord’s testimony. For the standing of the Lord’s kingdom and for the spreading of the local church, we all must be very solid. Then the church will be exceedingly strong to fight the battle.

The future of the Lord’s recovery today does not depend so much upon the older brothers and sisters. It stands or falls with the young people. How much the church life will spread and be prevailing depends upon what kind of humanity the young people practice in the church life. If they will all take the humanity of Jesus, I can assure you that hall after hall will be added to the local church in Los Angeles. We will not only be a strong testimony to human society, but also a strong protest to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places. Furthermore, this may result not only in the spreading of the church life in Los Angeles, but this also might be the rescue of the U.S.A. In the past five or six years, Satan has sought to destroy this country because he knows the Lord needs it for His recovery. But I believe that the Lord in His sovereignty will preserve this country to recover and spread the church life all over the world.


I have no intention to simply give some teachings concerning the five kinds of offerings in Leviticus. I have been speaking many messages on the humanity of Jesus because my burden is for the Lord’s recovery. We must exercise the authority of the Lord to control the situation of the world. The world situation is not under the hand of the enemy, but under the hand of Christ. And we are His Body. We must claim and declare that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all the earth. The Lord needs cooperation. He needs a beachhead on the earth. He needs a place to put his feet. We must learn to cooperate with the Lord by taking His humanity. We should not be like so many defeated Christians who say that it is impossible to have the proper church life. This is a shame to the Lord and a glory to the enemy. We must tell the enemy that even before the Lord comes back, there will be something solid on this earth. We all need to pray, “O Lord, before You return, You must do something to put the enemy to shame—even here, in the city that is famous for Hollywood, the center of darkness. Praise You, Lord, that You are going to build up a strong church in this city that will really shame the enemy.”

The young people in the church are extremely important today. How much they experience the humanity of Jesus means very much for the Lord’s recovery. The church today does not need the teachings; the church is short of the real realization of the humanity of Jesus. So the young people must stand up by His grace to satisfy the Lord’s requirements with His humanity. The devilish subtlety of the enemy is corrupting the young people today. Each of the young people in the church must be a different kind of person with a different kind of humanity. We must not care for the course of this age, but learn to experience the Lord as our proper humanity. This will build up something strong on the earth before the Lord comes.

(Christ as the Reality, Chapter 14, by Witness Lee)