Christ as the Reality, by Witness Lee


Now I would like to speak more practically. And as I do, I look to the Lord for the covering of His prevailing blood as I expose the enemy’s tactics. We are a tripartite being, with a spirit, a soul, and a body. Under the sovereignty of God, there is a boundary line drawn by Him to preserve the human spirit for His purpose. But Satan still can deaden the human spirit by means of the conscience. As long as our conscience is defiled, our spirit is deadened. If there is any defilement in our conscience, we can never be alive in the spirit. Hence, for the quickening of our spirit, we need a pure conscience. This is why we need the cleansing of the blood. The redeeming blood of Christ cleanses our conscience so that our spirit may be quickened.

God has drawn a boundary line to keep the human spirit for His purpose, but Satan has done and still is doing many things to damage both the soul and the body of man. All he can do to our spirit is to deaden it by means of the conscience. Praise the Lord that he can only do that much! However, according to the revelation of the Bible, Satan has liberty to do whatever he can to damage our mentality (the main part of the soul is the mind) and our body. This is the subtlety of the enemy.

We cannot tell how many mental cases there are in today’s society; they are innumerable. This condition is not only a kind of mental illness, but it is also the subtle work of Satan. Experts will tell you that in the history of humanity, there have never been as many mental cases as today. According to our experience, it is easy to deal with demon possession, but it is really difficult for any Christian to deal with a mental case. Satan is so subtle today. He is doing whatever he can to damage the mentality of man.


Satan’s main target today is the young people. There are more mental cases among the young people than ever before. He does not care so much for the older generation, but he seeks to destroy the young people. Young people today have many kinds of concepts and movements. The source of all these concepts and movements is Satan. Satan has indoctrinated the mentality of the younger generation with all these things. We need to pray against this satanic tendency among today’s young people. They do not know the risk they are running and the danger they are in. By considering how greatly they have changed from 1965 until today, we may realize how much the enemy is working. Satan is so subtle. He injects all his evil, satanic, devilish concepts and ideas into the young and fresh mentality of the young generation. This is his primary aim; he is out to damage the human mentality. This is why the Bible speaks so much of having a sound mind. Do you believe that the mentality of the younger generation today is sound? I would say that it is absolutely unhealthy. Their way of thinking is altogether dangerous. All the young brothers and sisters in the church life must be clear that the source of all this damage in the mentality is Satan. All the young people in the church must repudiate the concepts which they have held in the past. I do not care what kind of concept you had before you came into the church life; whatever you had, you must give it up. I am afraid that it may be something of Satan to damage your mentality.

(Christ as the Reality, Chapter 13, by Witness Lee)