Life-Study of Job, by Witness Lee

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Here we have a significant, instructive, and unveiling scene, a scene that involves both the earth and the heavens. Because the heavens were the origin of the scene, what happened to Job on earth began in the heavens. Today, through the help of the Bible, we can see both the scene on earth and the scene in the heavens.

A. At the End of Satan’s First Series of Attacks,
Job Not Praying but Blessing God

At the end of Satan’s first series of attacks, Job did not pray but blessed God without sinning or charging God with unseemliness (1:20-22).

B. At the End of Satan’s Second Attack,
Job Suffering Very Great Pain in Silence

At the end of Satan’s second attack, Job was suffering very great pain in silence (2:13b).

C. None of Job’s Friends Speaking a Word to Him

In their visit Job’s three friends lifted up their voice and wept, tore their clothes, cast dust over their heads toward heaven, and sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, but none spoke a word to him (vv. 12-13a). They could not speak anything because they had no knowledge, no understanding, concerning the purpose of what had happened to Job.

D. Job Cursing the Day of His Birth

Eventually, Job cursed the day of his birth (3:1). Instead of complaining to either God or man, Job cursed himself in cursing his birth.

E. Job and His Three Friends
Being Ignorant concerning That
Most Painful and Most Terrifying Occurrence

Such a scene indicates that Job and his three friends were all ignorant concerning that most painful and most terrifying occurrence and were puzzled in their godliness, unable to figure out what the reason was, what the purpose was, and what the result would be.

(Life-Study of Job, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)