Life-Study of Job, by Witness Lee

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Job’s experience was a step of the divine economy. In this situation God took a step to accomplish something with Job.

A. The Occurrence Being Planned by God

The occurrence was undoubtedly planned by God. This should not be a problem to us. In His plan, God held a council twice and checked with Satan twice concerning Job, and Satan fell into God’s plan.

B. To Carry Out the Consuming
and Stripping of the Contented Job

This step in God’s economy was to carry out the consuming and stripping of the contented Job in his seeking after Him. Before Satan’s first attack, Job was a person of contentment. He was fully content and satisfied with his attainments in everything. Eventually, Job’s possessions, health, and integrity were stripped away and consumed.

C. To Usher Job into a Deeper Seeking after God

God’s intention was to usher Job into a deeper seeking after Him that he might gain Him instead of His blessings and his attainments in his perfection and integrity. Job was contented in the realm of success in his gaining of material things and in his ethical attainments, but he had nothing of God. Therefore, God ushered him into another realm that he might gain God.


Satan was an ugly tool used by God to accomplish a dishonorable commission.

A. Satan Remaining Free
to Be Purposely Used by God as an Ugly Tool

The scene in Job 1 and 2 shows that Satan, who had been judged by God, still remained free to be purposely used by God as an ugly tool to execute God’s cruel dealing with His loving ones.

B. His Commission Being Dishonorable

Satan’s commission in executing God’s dealings with His loving ones was altogether dishonorable.

(Life-Study of Job, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)