Life-Study of Job, by Witness Lee

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Instead of speaking to Job regarding these things that were on His heart, God asked him about other things, including himself. For instance, in 40:10-14 He said to him, "Deck yourself now with majesty and excellency,/And array yourself with honor and splendor./Pour forth the overflowings of your anger,/And look upon everyone who is proud, and abase him./Look upon everyone who is proud; bring him down;/And tread down the wicked where they stand./Hide them in the dust together;/Bind their faces in the hidden place./Then even I will praise you,/That your own right hand can save you." Here God was asking Job if he had any majesty, excellency, honor, and splendor. God’s intention was to cause Job to realize that he had nothing and that he was nothing.

Job did not know God’s purpose in dealing with him, and God had no way to tell him about this. Not knowing about the councils held in the heavens concerning him, Job was enjoying his life on earth. Then, suddenly, he lost his possessions and his children. This was the stripping away of Job’s possessions. Following this, there was an attack upon Job’s body, and this led, through his daily sufferings, to the gradual consuming of Job himself. As we read the record in this book, we can see that layer after layer was peeled away from Job. This peeling away was the consuming. Job was consumed to such an extent that he became skin and bone.

Job did not know what was going on. He questioned God, but there was no answer. Eventually God came in to show Himself to Job. In His appearing, God seemed to be saying to Job, "Now here I am. Job, you must realize that I am unlimited, unsearchable, and untraceable. Look at Me—I am the One with majesty, excellency, honor, and splendor. Do you think that your small mind can search Me out or trace Me out? Do you still intend to litigate against Me, to take Me to court? You do not know what I intend to do with you. You do not know what I will give you. Job, My intention is to reduce you to nothing, yet to maintain your existence so that I may have a time to impart Myself into you. Job, I intend to give You Myself."

This was the central point of God’s appearing to Job, but Job did not understand it. I believe, however, that Job will be with us in the New Jerusalem. I also believe that when we see him, we and he may rejoice. Then he may say, "Brothers, now I am just as clear as you are concerning God’s intention. Let us all be at peace and praise the Lord!"

(Life-Study of Job, Chapter 33, by Witness Lee)