Life-Study of Job, by Witness Lee

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A. The Two Ends Being
the Two Destinations of the Two Ways

The two ends are the two destinations of the two ways men take in their relationship with God.

1. The Destination of God’s Way of Life
Being a City of Water of Life

The destination of God’s way of life is a city of water of life, the New Jerusalem, God’s eternal dwelling (Rev. 21:2, 11, 23; 22:1-2, 14), as the best and most glorious goal for all the men who walk in the way of life according to God’s desire and for God’s pleasure, that they may participate with God in all the blessings of God as the eternal life for eternity.

2. The Destination of the Way
of Death and of Good and Evil
Being a Lake of Fire of Brimstone

The destination of the way of death and of good and evil is a lake of fire of brimstone, the Gehenna of fire (Matt. 5:22), Satan’s eternal prison, as the worst and most miserable end for all the men who take the way of death according to Satan’s evil device, that they may share with Satan the eternal judgment and eternal perdition (John 16:11; Matt. 25:41; Rev. 21:8, 27; 22:15).

B. The New Jerusalem Being a Dynamic Incentive
and the Lake of Fire Being a Solemn Warning

The New Jerusalem, as the best and most glorious end of God’s way of life, is a dynamic incentive for us to seek God until we gain Him to the fullest extent according to His love and grace; and the lake of fire, as the worst and most miserable end of Satan’s way of death and of good and evil, should be a solemn warning to the men who follow Satan in his way against God’s economy, to turn from his way of death to God’s way of life that they may escape Satan’s eternal judgment and eternal perdition, according to God’s righteousness and justice.

(Life-Study of Job, Chapter 37, by Witness Lee)