Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), by Witness Lee

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Some have expressed the opinion that those who are in the church are just “a bunch of dummies.” Perhaps it is more accurate to say that we are nobodies. You may have a doctoral degree, but in the church you are nobody. In the secular world you may have status, but in the church you are nobody. If you want to be somebody, the church is the wrong door for you to enter. In the political circle or the educational world you may have rank, but once you step through the door of the church, be prepared to be nobody.

Are you willing? For myself, I can testify that I have no desire to be anybody. I am happy to be despised, belittled, criticized, and opposed. What a liberation to be content to be nobody! Here is life and peace.


The Son of God came with the divine commission to seek the Father’s will and glory. We Christians are to live the same way. “Lord, thank You. I have the highest commission, that of living You out. How good it is that You are my life! What a privilege that I can take You and live You out! How I thank You!” Is not this life higher than having even three PhD’s?

Young people, are you satisfied to be nobody? Rather, are you satisfied with the highest commission, that of taking Christ as your life and living Him? What a commission!

This is the Christian life and also the church life. It is no more I but Christ that lives in me. “Thank You, Lord, that You and I have one life and one living. The life is Yours; the living, mine. Hallelujah that I can have one life and one living with You!”


Do not be concerned about worldliness. Do not be troubled about your weakness. Do not be preoccupied with sins. When Christ is lived out, all these negative things will flee away. The more you try to deal with your sin, or overcome the world, or gain the victory over your weakness, the more you will be troubled by these very things. You are not commissioned to overcome sin, weakness, or the world. Your commission is to live Christ out. When you see this vision and you are such a person, the Bible is for you. It will nourish and supply this life.

(Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), Chapter 40, by Witness Lee)