Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), by Witness Lee

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Not only in preaching the gospel but in everything else as well, we have no way but Christ. We may never have learned how to pray, but because we do know how to walk in Christ, we shall find that spontaneously, throughout the day, we are praying. Christ is our way to pray. Because we are one with Him, we walk in Him and find ourselves praying.


Learning how to be humble avails nothing. Any humility you learn becomes your pride. You may think you are the most humble one in your family, that all your brothers and sisters are proud and stubborn. This humility that you have developed is pride. The name for the proper humility is Christ. If you walk in Christ day after day, you will be humble without any consciousness of it. By walking in Him, He will become your humility, though you will not be aware of it.


Just as you should not try to be humble, so there is no point in your trying to love others. All your efforts to love your wife, to be submissive to your husband, to control your temper, and to be kind are in vain. Just walk in Christ, who is the life-giving Spirit dwelling in your spirit. When you arise in the morning, pray-read His Word and talk to Him. This will usher you into a walk with Him. Do not heed your emotions, your decisions, or what others are saying. Just walk in Christ, and you will find that He Himself is the love you need toward others.


If we begin our day with contacting the Lord, and continue walking in Him throughout the day, we shall have rich experiences of Him to bring to the meetings. Then when there is a need to share a certain aspect of the experience of Christ, we shall be able to give a testimony along that line. The riches we accumulate benefit the whole church.

The normal Christian life is to walk in Christ. By walking in Him we shall be rooted and built up.

(Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), Chapter 20, by Witness Lee)