Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), by Witness Lee

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Reading this Word will save you. Even if you take just ten minutes in the morning, you will find a supply there. If you lack patience, patience will be your portion. If you are short of love, those ten minutes will supply you with love. As you pray-read the Word, you will be cleansed. Because you are still on this earth living in your flesh, in your natural life, you become contaminated. Without realizing it, you will be cleansed by reading this Word, and God, the very essence of the Word, will be imparted to you. You will become a different person.

This nourishment will sustain us. While I speak, the food that I have eaten is upholding me. I may not have noticed what I was eating, and I may be unaware of the nutrients in the food I ate, but nonetheless that food is going into my bloodstream and supplying me with physical strength and energy. We may not understand the Word that we pray-read, but eventually we shall find that it has been light, life, and even the anointing to us.

If we summarize how this Word benefits us as it nourishes, waters, and sustains us, we can say that it adds God into us. We must not be distracted by teachings about healing or power. In this Word faith is ours, power and authority are ours, and healing is ours.


The outcome of getting into the Word regularly will be a proper Christian life. Then as you come together with the saints, your meetings will display your daily walk. You are not coming together for a performance nor to be entertained. You live Christ and feast on His Word day by day. Then as you meet with the saints, if you have a hymn, you call for it. If you have a prayer, you offer it. If you have a word, you utter it. If you have a message, you give it. The result will be the genuine church life, with the meetings enriched by prayers so full of life, by words so full of light, and by testimonies so full of help. How you meet does not depend on a form but on how you live. Surely you need more in your meetings than the candy of excitement and entertainment. Do not take any extraordinary way. Come back to the Bible and to the simplicity of cleaving to the tree of life. If you live according to His Word, when you meet together you will experience His blessing.

(Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), Chapter 24, by Witness Lee)