Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), by Witness Lee

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For over fifteen years the recovery has been in this country. Throughout this period I have made it a point never to give orders to anyone. I am not a leader and I have no rank, though some of you may so regard me. I am a bondslave of Christ to serve His household. Frequently I have been asked to advise various churches. Individuals have often sought my advice. In fact, many have begged me to tell them what to do. In every case I have refused, because for me to give an order is to insult my Lord and slight His headship. You must receive your orders directly from the Head. All I can tell you is to pray and get your directions from Him.


All the local churches, regardless of their size, are on the same level. Do not think that Anaheim is the lead church. What happened to Jerusalem when the early churches began to look to it for direction? The Lord sent Titus with his army in A.D. 70 to destroy it. There is no ground for any church to be over another.


According to the Bible the work is regional. Peter worked in the Jewish region, while Paul worked among the Gentile areas. These two works in two regions were on the same level and were not merged into one unit. A hierarchy would have arisen if they had been combined. The regions are not to be merged. Regions of the work exist today in Brazil, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In the United States also there are regions of the work where churches have been raised up: Ohio and Texas are examples. If we organize these regions into one unit, it will lead to hierarchy with an official leadership. This would insult Christ’s headship.


How important it is for us all to learn to go to the Lord and take orders directly from Him! God has ascribed the headship only to Him. This truth is a safeguard to the church life. Once a hierarchy was established in Christianity, all kinds of evil, devilish things were brought in. If we take Christ as the content of the church and the genuine oneness as its ground, and are careful to practice the truth, the church will be steady and kept from evil.

(Life Messages, Vol. 1 (#1-41), Chapter 15, by Witness Lee)