Life-Study of Isaiah, by Witness Lee

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Now we come to the all-inclusive Christ’s commission as the Servant of Jehovah.

A. To Raise Up the Tribes of Jacob

Christ’s commission is first to raise up the tribes of Jacob (Isa. 49:6a). At the time of the prophets, all the tribes were put down. They were down, but Christ received the commission from God to raise them up. We were in the same situation. Before we were saved, we were put down. We were very low, but Christ came to raise us up.

B. To Bring Jacob Back to Jehovah
So That Israel Would Be Gathered to Him

Christ also was commissioned to bring Jacob back to Jehovah so that Israel would be gathered to Him (49:5b; 6a). Jacob is a negative title, and Israel is a positive title referring to the same person. Jacob was a supplanter, but Israel is the one who was transformed. Genesis 32 records that one night Jacob wrestled with God. Jacob would not let Him go until God blessed him. God touched his thigh and changed his name to Israel (vv. 24-30). Israel means a prince of God. God was telling Jacob that he was to be a transformed prince of God. Thus, Christ raised up Jacob and brought Jacob back to Jehovah. In this way Jacob could become Israel so that Israel could be gathered to God.

In a similar way, God raised us up and brought us to Himself. When we have been brought to God, we become believers, saints. Christ raises up sinners, brings them to God, and these sinners brought to God become saints.

Isaiah 49:6 says that these two items—Christ raising up the tribes of Jacob and bringing Israel back to God—are too small a thing; the greater things are to follow. What are the greater things? These greater things are all the things related to Christ becoming a covenant of the people of Israel.

(Life-Study of Isaiah, Chapter 46, by Witness Lee)