Life-Study of Isaiah, by Witness Lee

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In the universe, between God and man, God always does something first. Then man reacts to what God does. Then God comes in to react to man’s reaction. This is somewhat like a cycle, like the exchanging of words between husband and wife. The husband speaks to the wife, and the wife reacts. Then the husband reacts to his wife’s reaction. A similar exchange of words often takes place between God and man. God may tell us that we should love Him, and we may respond by saying that we are not able to love Him. Then God may say that He will be the strength for us to love Him, but we may say that we do not know how to apply this strength. This cycle of action and reaction can be stopped only by our realizing that we are not the head. We are not the one who has the right to say yes or no. This is submission.

A. The Nations’ Excessive Action on Israel

Because Israel had become rebellious, God used Assyria to discipline them. But the action of Assyria was excessive; it went too far, overstepping the limit set by God.

1. The Nations Assuming
to Be Other Lords besides Jehovah

The nations assumed to be other lords besides Jehovah and were master to Israel (26:13a). In assuming to be lords and acting as if they were the master, the nations went too far.

2. The Nations Being to Israel
like Leviathan and like the Dragon

To Israel the nations were like leviathan the fleeing serpent and the crooked serpent and like the dragon (or, monster) in the sea (27:1).

B. Jehovah’s Reaction

1. Jehovah Punishing on High
the Host on High and
the Kings of the Earth on the Earth

Jehovah will punish on high the host on high and the kings of the earth on the earth (24:21). Here the host on high refers to Satan and his angels in the air. Jehovah’s reaction will deal both with Satan’s army in the air and with the kings on the earth. They will be gathered together like prisoners gathered in a dungeon and will be shut up in prison. After many days they will be punished (v. 22).

(Life-Study of Isaiah, Chapter 14, by Witness Lee)