Life-Study of Isaiah, by Witness Lee

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The Lord’s two comings bring in the restoration of Israel (61:4—63:19). The Lord’s first coming has much to do with His second coming. Without the foundation laid in His first coming, there would be no way for His second coming to take place. Based upon what He did in His first coming, Christ’s second coming will issue in the restoration of Israel.

In His first coming, the Lord Jesus gained His early disciples, such as Peter, John, and James, from the Jews. They became His believers, but this does not mean that they have given up their Jewish status, for in the millennial kingdom the first twelve apostles will sit on thrones as rulers to judge the twelve tribes of Israel (Matt. 19:28). At that time, they will not be apostles of the church, but, having been brought back by the Lord to their Jewish status, they will be rulers, governors, of Israel. Both Christ and His twelve apostles seemingly forsook Israel and established the church. However, in the restoration, when the Lord returns in His second coming, He will first receive the throne of David His father (Luke 1:32), and then He will be the Ruler of the nations (Rom. 15:12). His twelve apostles will be His helpers to rule over the nation of Israel. From this we can see the relationship between what Christ did in His first coming and what He will do in His second coming.

In God’s eyes the Lord’s two comings are two aspects which show one unique coming of Christ. In a sense, Christ’s coming to earth has not yet been completed. He began to come to mankind two thousand years ago. Since His unique coming has not been finished, it will continue with the second aspect of His coming. When the second aspect of His coming is accomplished, His entire coming from God to mankind will be consummated. Today His coming is not finished, because He is still on the way. Therefore, the unique coming of Christ is of two sections. The first section took place two thousand years ago, and the second section will be accomplished in the future. Hence, in the Old Testament prophecies, Christ’s coming was viewed as two mountain peaks which, from a distance, looked like one mountain range. At present, we are in the "valley" between these peaks.

(Life-Study of Isaiah, Chapter 31, by Witness Lee)