Life-Study of Isaiah, by Witness Lee

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The book of Isaiah has five sections.

A. The Salvation of Jehovah
to His Beloved People and to the Nations

The first section, covering the first twelve chapters, is the salvation of Jehovah to His beloved people and to the nations.

B. The Judgment of Jehovah upon the Nations

The second section covers chapters thirteen through twenty-three. This section is concerned with the judgment of Jehovah upon the nations unveiling Satan’s oneness with the nations, showing Jehovah’s sovereign rule over the nations, benefiting Jehovah’s beloved Israel, and providing the wonderful Christ as the Savior to meet the need of the beloved Israel and the judged nations. This section reveals that the action of God in His economy first will benefit Israel and then will bring in the wonderful Christ to meet the need of every situation. By accomplishing God’s economy, Christ will meet God’s need, and in His salvation He will meet man’s need. We should keep these points in mind as we read Isaiah.

C. The Issue of Jehovah’s
Dealing with His Beloved Israel

Chapters twenty-four through thirty-five reveal that Jehovah’s dealing with His beloved Israel issues in Israel’s revival and return to God and ushers in Christ with the restoration of all things.

D. An Example of Seeking
after Jehovah and Trusting in Him

In the fourth section (chs. 36—39) we have an example (King Hezekiah) of seeking after Jehovah and trusting in Him.

E. The Servant of Jehovah
and the Salvation Brought In by Him

The last section (chs. 40—66) concerns the Servant of Jehovah and the salvation brought in by Him to Israel and the nations, with the restoration of all things, consummating in the new heaven and new earth.

(Life-Study of Isaiah, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)