Life-Study of Isaiah, by Witness Lee

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Most people do not consider that God’s salvation is so subjective to us. Most think of His salvation in an objective way. Some think that they need the Lord Jesus to stretch out His hand to rescue them and pull them out of the fall. Actually, the Lord’s salvation is absolutely not like this. If we want the Lord to save us, we must drink Him. The way to receive the processed Triune God as our salvation is by drinking Him. When the water gets into us, it permeates our entire being. The way that we get nourished, transformed, conformed, and glorified is by drinking Christ into us. This is the way to receive God as our salvation. The source of this water is a fountain, which is immeasurably deep and wide, and this fountain has many springs.

The springs at Niagara Falls are not drinkable because they are too great and fierce, but Jesus is a gentle spring. In the ancient times in the Middle East, people would go to a spring where there was a well from which they drew water for themselves and for others. We can also come to the Lord to draw living water from Him for ourselves and for others. This shows that the processed Triune God as our salvation is very subjective. The water that we drink passes through our entire being, is assimilated by us, and even becomes us.

In both the Old and New Testaments, water is used as an illustration of our Triune God. At the end of the Bible in Revelation 22, there is a picture of a throne, upon which the Lamb-God is sitting. Out from the throne underneath the Lamb, flows the river of water of life. In this river grows the tree of life, and this river passes through the entire holy city. The river actually spirals down from the throne in the middle of the golden street to water the whole city. Every part of the city is nourished and watered by this river. This is a full picture of the Triune God to be our salvation. Every day we need to drink Him.

(Life-Study of Isaiah, Chapter 40, by Witness Lee)