Life-Study of Isaiah, by Witness Lee

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A. The Report of the Prophets and
the Revelation of Jehovah

Isaiah 53:1 says, "Who has believed our report? / And to whom has the arm of Jehovah been revealed?" The first half of this verse speaks of a report, and the other half speaks of a revelation. The revelation equals the recounting in the preceding verse, 52:15. Isaiah’s word in 53:1 indicates that the prophets preached the New Testament gospel in the New Testament economy, but no one believed their report. Their report was based upon God’s revelation. God revealed to them the arm of Jehovah, who is Jesus. Jesus is the real arm of Jehovah. However, when Jesus comes to us, we might say, "Is this the arm of Jehovah? I cannot believe that such a small Nazarene could be the arm of Jehovah." Not many people would believe the prophets’ report concerning Jesus as the arm of Jehovah. Thus, the prophet asked, "To whom has the arm of Jehovah been revealed?"

In a sense, to preach the gospel is an easy thing; actually, however, it is the most difficult thing on this earth. To convince people to believe what we preach concerning Jesus is very difficult. When we go to speak to people concerning Jesus, we often feel that it is difficult to present such a One to them. The preaching of Jesus is in the New Testament economy; it is altogether in God’s way. Hence, there is the need of the power of the Holy Spirit.

B. Concerning Christ, the Servant of Jehovah

This report and this revelation are concerning Christ, the Servant of Jehovah (vv. 2-12).

1. As the Incarnated Savior,
Living a Suffering and Sorrowful Human Life

First, this report and this revelation reveals Christ as the incarnated Savior, who lived a suffering and sorrowful life (vv. 2-3).

(Life-Study of Isaiah, Chapter 49, by Witness Lee)