Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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As an Old Testament saint, in 144:12-15a David prayed for prosperity in material things.

A. Praying That Their Sons Would Be like Plants

David prayed that their sons would be like plants grown up in their youth (v. 12a).

B. Praying That Their Daughters
Would Be like Pillars

Next, David asked that their daughters would be like corner pillars hewn out in fashion for a palace (v. 12b).

C. Praying That Their Barns Would Be Full

David also prayed that their barns would be full, furnishing produce of all kinds (v. 13a).

D. Praying That Their Sheep
Would Bring Forth Thousands

David continued by praying that their sheep would bring forth thousands and ten thousands in their fields (v. 13b).

E. Praying That Their Oxen Would Be Fully Laden

In verse 14a David asked Jehovah that their oxen would be fully laden to bear things from the field to the home.

F. Praying That There Would Be No
Breaking In to Rob or Going Forth to Fight

In verse 14b David prayed that there would be no breaking in to rob or going forth to fight or outcry in their streets.

G. Saying That Blessed Are the People Who Are So

Finally, David declared that blessed are the people who are so (v. 15a). I believe that, if not always then at least sometimes, such a prayer was answered. There were times when their sons were like plants growing up, that their daughters were like hewn corner pillars, that their barns were full, that their sheep brought forth thousands, that their oxen were fully laden, and that there was no breaking in to rob or going forth to fight or any outcry in their streets.

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 44, by Witness Lee)