Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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Psalm 133 is the praise of the saint in his going up to Zion concerning Jehovah’s commanded blessing for brothers to dwell in unity. Before we can have Psalm 133 we must reach Psalm 132. This means that without God’s resting and dwelling in His dwelling place, we have no place where we can come together. We have no Zion, no center for our gathering. When Zion is built up and when God is resting there and dwelling in Jerusalem, then we have a place where we can gather and where we can dwell together in unity. If this is our situation in the meetings of the church, we will enjoy God’s commanded blessing.

A. It Being Good and Pleasant
for Brothers to Dwell in Unity

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is/For brothers to dwell in unity!" (v. 1). I believe that "how good" refers to the oil in verse 2 and that "how pleasant" refers to the dew in verse 3.

B. It Being like the Fine Oil upon the Head

"It is like the fine oil upon the head/That ran down upon the beard,/Upon Aaron’s beard,/That ran down to the hem of his garments" (v. 2). For the oil to run down from the head to the hem of the garments signifies that both the Head and the Body, both Christ and the church, are under the anointing of God’s fine oil.

C. It Being like the Dew of Hermon
That Came Down upon the Mountains of Zion

Verse 3a goes on to say that is also like "the dew of Hermon/That came down upon the mountains of Zion." The north wind caused the dew to descend from Hermon to the mountains of Zion. This dew signifies the fresh and refreshing grace of God. Such a dew, such a grace, waters us.

D. There Jehovah Commanding the Blessing,
Even Life Forever

"For there Jehovah commanded the blessing:/Life forever" (v. 3b). I believe that by "life forever" the psalmist had in mind a long life. In our interpretation, however, we understand the word "life" here to mean not long life but eternal life. As we dwell together in the church life, we enjoy God’s eternal life commanded by Him as a blessing to us. This is the living of the church.

In Psalm 132 we have the church life, and in Psalm 133 we have the church living. The church living is the highest living—a living with brothers dwelling in unity. Such a living causes God to come in to bless us with fine oil and fresh dew.

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 42, by Witness Lee)