Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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Psalm 68 is about God’s move within the tabernacle (typifying Christ) as His dwelling place with the ark (typifying Christ) as the center. The tabernacle with the ark traveled among the children of Israel for forty years until it arrived at Zion. This traveling was a type, a shadow, of God’s real move on the earth.

A. After the Decree of the Law
for the Exposing, Convincing,
and Condemning of Israel

This move began after the decree of the law for the exposing, convincing, and condemning of Israel. This means that God’s move within the tabernacle began after God had gained a people who had been prepared by the law and trained under the law to go along with Him.

B. After the Rearing Up
of the Tabernacle of the Ark

This move of God began after the rearing up of the tabernacle of the ark, signifying Christ incarnated to be the dwelling place of God on the earth with Himself as the center for God’s move in His economy (John 1:14a; Num. 9:15a). This means that God could move on earth only after He had established a way—the tabernacle with the ark—in which He could be with His people and in which they could contact Him and be with Him. In the Old Testament we have the type, but in the New Testament we have Christ as the reality of the tabernacle of the ark.

C. In the Midst of Israel, His Elect

God’s move within the tabernacle was in the midst of Israel, His elect.

D. From Sinai through the Wilderness
to Mount Zion

This move was from Sinai, signifying from the law (Psa. 68:8b, 17b), through the wilderness, signifying the earth (vv. 4b, 7b), to Mount Zion, God’s dwelling place (v. 16), signifying God’s dwelling place in the heavens (Eph. 4:8a).

E. Israel, God’s Elect, Triumphing in God

Psalm 68:4 says, "Sing to God; sing psalms to His name; /Triumph in Him who rides through the deserts—/For Jah is His name—and exult before Him." This indicates that Israel, God’s elect, triumphed in God, who rode through the deserts, and exulted before Him. Today we should triumph and exult in the move of God on earth, in His move from incarnation to ascension.

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 27, by Witness Lee)