Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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Psalm 76 is on the victory of God in His dwelling place.

A. The Victory of God,
as the Glorious and Excellent One,
in His Tabernacle

Verses 1 through 5 are a declaration concerning the victory of God, as the glorious and excellent One, in His tabernacle. Verse 2 says, "In Salem is His tabernacle,/And His dwelling place, in Zion." Verse 4 speaks of God’s excellence and glory: "More glorious are You,/More excellent than the mountains of prey."

B. The Praise of the Psalmist
concerning the Wrath and Fearfulness of God

Verses 6 through 12 are the praise of the psalmist concerning the wrath and fearfulness of God. Concerning God’s wrath, verse 10 says that He will gird Himself "with the remainder of wrath." Concerning God’s fearfulness, verse 7 declares, "You, indeed You, are to be feared," and verse 11 says, "Let all who are around Him bring gifts to Him who is to be feared."

Psalms 73 through 76 cover four matters: the sufferings of the saints, the desolation of God’s house, the judgment of Christ, and the victory of God. Since these four psalms are the expressions of the psalmists’ complex sentiments, we need to discern those sentiments that are divine from those that are merely human. This means that we need to discern the Holy Word according to the proper principles. To understand the Old Testament, we need the writings of Paul. If as we study the Psalms we stand on the shoulders of Paul, we will have a clear view of all one hundred and fifty psalms.

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 30, by Witness Lee)