Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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The subject of Psalm 135 is the charging of the priests who serve Jehovah in His house, in the courts of His house, to praise Him for His virtues. This psalm could have been written only by someone who was close to the Lord and concerned for the Lord’s interest and for the serving priests. I believe that the writer of this psalm was not a priest but a common citizen among the Israelites. Because he was close to the Lord and because he had an intimate concern for the worship of God and for the priests, he charged the priests to worship God.

The principle is the same in the church life today. We have co-workers, full-timers, and full-time trainees. Certain of the saints among us in the church who are very close to the Lord may be concerned for all these ones, watch over them, and pray for them. For instance, a particular co-worker is serving the Lord full-time, but he may not be very desperate with the Lord. Some of the older saints, bothered about the situation, may then pray for this co-worker.

A. In His Goodness

"Praise the name of Jehovah;/Praise Him, you servants of Jehovah,/Who stand in the house of Jehovah,/In the courts of the house of our God./Praise Jehovah, for Jehovah is good;/Sing psalms to His name, for it is pleasant" (vv. 1-3). Here the priests are charged to praise God in His goodness.

B. In Choosing Jacob for Himself,
Israel for His Personal Treasure

"For Jehovah has chosen Jacob for Himself,/Israel for His personal treasure" (v. 4). Isaac had two sons: Esau, the well-behaved one, and Jacob, the naughty one. Isaac chose Esau, who did things to please him, but God chose Jacob for Himself. God’s economy needed this naughty one. Without him, God’s economy could not be fulfilled.

Verse 4 says not only that God chose Jacob for Himself but also that He chose Israel for His personal treasure. When Jacob was transformed into Israel, the prince of God, he became God’s personal treasure. God chose Jacob for Himself, but He chose Israel for His treasure.

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 43, by Witness Lee)