Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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In verse 2 the psalmist praises the King (signifying Christ) in His fairness. When the Lord Jesus comes to us, He comes first in the aspect of His fairness. This is why, when we preach the gospel, we need to preach mainly Christ’s fairness, telling others how good and loving Christ is. We may say that this kind of gospel preaching is a "hook" with a tasty "bait." Everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus and loves Him has been "hooked" by Him. Blessed are they who have been hooked by Christ! As one who has been hooked by the Lord, I often say to Him, "Lord Jesus, You have caught me. You have captured me. If I had not been captured by You, I would be a different person living a different life."

Now the One who has come to us in His fairness, the One who has caught us and who loves us, wants us to love Him in return. We need to love Him and even become His love. This is the issue of Christ’s showing us His fairness and of our enjoyment of Christ in His fairness. It is impossible for us to speak in full concerning Christ’s fairness.

A. Fairer than the Sons of Men

According to verse 2a, as the King Christ is fairer than the sons of men.

B. Grace Being Poured upon His Lips

Verse 2b says, "Grace is poured upon Your lips." This indicates that grace continually proceeds out of His mouth. Concerning this, Luke 4:22 tells us that the people marveled at the words of grace proceeding out of the mouth of the Lord Jesus.

C. God Having Blessed Him Forever

In Psalm 45:2c the psalmist continues the praise of the King, saying, "Therefore God has blessed You forever." Because the man Jesus is fair, sweet, and full of grace, God has been moved to bless Him forever. Thus, Romans 9:5 speaks of Christ as "God blessed forever."

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 20, by Witness Lee)