Life-Study of Psalms, by Witness Lee

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Although Psalm 110 is one of the shortest of the psalms, it is the highest revelation of Christ.

A. God Making Christ Sit at His Right Hand

1. In His Ascension

"Jehovah declares to My Lord,/Sit at My right hand" (v. 1a). This word, which concerns Christ in His ascension (Heb. 1:3b), has been quoted directly more than twenty times in the New Testament and has been quoted indirectly approximately another twenty times. Again and again the New Testament refers to this word concerning Christ in His ascension.

The highest place in the universe is the right hand of God. Let us use as an illustration the desire of a child to be in his mother’s arms, at her bosom. You may offer a child the best seat in a palace, but he will not care to be in that place if his mother is not there. The child might say, "I don’t want to be in that place—I want to be in the arms of my mother." To the child, the best place, the highest place, is in his mother’s arms, at her bosom. In like manner, Christ’s ascension is not merely a matter of His being in a place but of His being in a person, the Father. In His ascension Christ entered into the Father’s being and sat down there.

This word about Christ’s sitting at the right hand of God implies Christ’s kingship. In the New Testament we are told that in His ascension Christ has been made by God the Lord, the Christ, the Leader of the entire universe, and the Savior (Acts 2:36; 5:31; 10:36). This concerns Christ’s kingship.

2. Until God Makes His Enemies His Footstool

According to Psalm 110:1, Christ is sitting at God’s right hand until God makes Christ’s enemies His footstool. At home you may have an excellent seat, but you may not have a footstool. Likewise, Christ is on the throne, but He is still in need of a footstool. Thus, God is endeavoring to subdue all of Christ’s enemies and to make them His footstool. Our fighting today is for the subduing of Christ’s enemies.

(Life-Study of Psalms, Chapter 38, by Witness Lee)