The Experience of Christ, by Witness Lee

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To be found in Christ actually is to live in Christ. Angels are constantly watching us, and so are the people around us. Both observed Paul to see the way he lived. He used to be in Judaism, but now he was in Christ. He used to be zealous for the law, but now he was burning for Christ. Paul realized that he was under the observation both of angels and Judaizers. Hence, he said that he wanted to gain Christ and be found in Him. He wanted the angels, the Judaizers, and everyone around him to see that he was one who lived in Christ, that he not only gained Christ, but was to be found in Christ. Paul saw Christ and paid the price for Christ in order that he might gain Christ. Moreover, he lived by Christ and in Christ. He was a man in Christ (2 Cor. 12:2). Day by day and hour by hour, Paul lived in Christ. Thus, he had the boldness to say, "To me to live is Christ" (Phil. 1:21). At any time, Paul could be found in Christ. If we could ask Timothy or Titus, they could tell us that they always found Paul in Christ. Suppose after giving this message I go home and smoke a pipe. If you find me doing that, you will find me, not in Christ, but in smoking. The same will be true if I lose my temper with my wife, gossip about the saints, or criticize the meetings. In such a case I will be found not in Christ, but in the act of losing my temper, gossiping, or criticizing.

This matter of being found in Christ is not mere theology; it is a matter of the practical experience of Christ. First, we need to see the revelation of the excellency of the knowledge of Christ. Second, we need to pay the price that we may gain Christ. Third, we need to live in Christ, remain in Christ, lodge in Christ, speak in Christ, act in Christ, and move in Christ. We need to have our being in Christ. Then whenever an angel or a saint finds us, we shall be found in Christ. Our being found in Christ will surprise the demons and terrify the Devil. Oh, that we may gain Christ and be found in Him! Being found in Christ is not a once for all matter. On the contrary, it is a daily matter, an hourly matter. If men do not know where we are, at least the angels know. Others may not be able to see us, but the angels know whether or not we are in Christ. Day by day and hour by hour, we need to be found in Christ by the angelic eyes that are watching us. Where do we live, work, and have our being? We need to be found in Christ by the angels, by our husband or wife, and by the brothers and sisters in the church. This is a serious matter.

Today it is not a matter of law, regulation, or a way of living. Rather, it is absolutely a matter of Christ. Have you seen Christ? Have you gained Christ? Are you found in Christ by both men and angels? In our daily living we need to be able to declare that for us to live is Christ.

(The Experience of Christ, Chapter 13, by Witness Lee)