The Experience of Christ, by Witness Lee

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The meetings of the church should be a testimony of our daily living and our daily walk. What is the testimony of our meetings? What do the visitors see when they come to the meetings? Do they simply see us shouting, pray-reading, and calling on the name of the Lord? In our meetings we need to have some genuine testimonies of our experience of Christ and enjoyment of Christ. Thus, whenever the visitors come to our meetings and observe what is taking place, they will be convinced that this is the testimony of Jesus Christ. My present concern for all the churches is that we would have the experience of Christ. If people can see only our shouting and excitement, then we must be short of Christ. If so, we have lost the Lord’s testimony. In the meetings we must have something real, solid, practical, convincing, and subduing. The visitors need to be impressed with the riches of Christ. Whenever a visitor comes to the meeting, he should be convinced and subdued and say, "Here is the testimony of Jesus. This is not just a group of people shouting, singing, and praising, for the reality of Christ as life is among them. In their testimonies they all tell of how they are experiencing Christ in their daily life. Thus, when they come together they have much of Christ to present to God." If we are like this, our meetings will be the exhibition of Christ. What God desires today is such a testimony of Jesus.


In Philippians 3 Paul did not think that he had yet reached the goal. Thus, he pursued Christ by forgetting the things past and stretching forth to the things before. Paul’s goal was the top experience of Christ, the fullest portion of Christ. Our goal in the church life should be the best experience of Christ. If we reach this goal, we shall be filled with Christ. Then we shall receive the reward of the out-resurrection from among the dead. Because we are outstanding in the experience of Christ and are filled with Christ to the uttermost, we receive the reward of the out-resurrection. This is the accurate meaning of this portion of the Word.

(The Experience of Christ, Chapter 9, by Witness Lee)