The Experience of Christ, by Witness Lee

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Recently we have been unjustly accused of being mind benders. We do not bend the mind—we rob it. The church life robs the devilish things from our minds. In the church life we help all the saints to think one thing—the enjoyment of Christ for the church life. We all think of the experience of Christ for the Body life. In doing this, we are obedient.

Whenever we think other things, we are disobedient and rebellious. To think something other than the one thing is to rebel against God’s economy. God’s economy is that we think the one thing. Has a certain brother offended you? You should not think about that offense, for God’s economy does not allow you to do so. If you think about the offense, you rebel against God. This is a serious matter. Murmuring is also rebellious. God’s economy does not allow us to murmur. To do so is to be disobedient.

We all have our disposition, and we all are accustomed to murmur, reason, and complain. But if we are enlightened concerning reasoning and murmuring, we shall say, "Lord, forgive my rebellion. I don’t want to be a rebel in Your economy. Rather, I want to be obedient, obeying Your economy to think the one thing. Although certain ones have offended me, I do not want to think about the offenses. Instead, I want to think only of the enjoyment and experience of Christ." To do this is to work out our salvation. The salvation in Philippians 2 is actually the proper oneness. To work out our own salvation is to work out this genuine oneness. When we are not in the genuine oneness, we are in some kind of hell. Thus, we need the salvation which is the genuine oneness. We need to be one not only in spirit, but also in soul. As we have said again and again, we need to think the one thing. When we think the one thing, we are one not only in spirit, but also in soul.

(The Experience of Christ, Chapter 5, by Witness Lee)