The Experience of Christ, by Witness Lee

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Verse 15 says, "That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world" (Gk.). The word "that" at the beginning of verse 15 indicates a result, an issue. Because we think the one thing and enjoy God’s working within us to work out our salvation and do not murmur or reason, we are blameless and harmless. We are like doves, not like scorpions. Murmuring is like the sting of a scorpion. Whenever anyone murmurs, the poison is injected into someone. Such murmuring ones are not harmless. Consider how many people have been stung by their tongue. Through their tongue the poison of death has been spread to many others. Thus, they are not harmless. However, when we think the one thing we are blameless and harmless, for we have the enjoyment of Christ. Then, actually and in a practical way, we behave like children of God without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.


The first part of verse 16 says, "Holding forth the word of life." In this generation we shine as lights. We do not shine with our own light. Rather, we are illuminators reflecting the light of Christ. The world is a satanic system. In the midst of this organized satanic system, we shine as illuminators holding forth the word of life. There is no need for us to behave. We simply need to think the one thing in order to be full of the enjoyment of Christ. Then we shall be blameless, harmless children of God without rebuke, shining as luminaries in the midst of the satanic system of this perverse and crooked generation. As we shine, we are holding forth the word of life. This is not our conduct or behavior; it is our testimony.

Most of today’s Christians are far off the mark. They are taught to behave, to conduct themselves in a certain way. But there is no need for us to behave ourselves, because we are shining as lights and holding forth the word of life. This is not behavior; it is a spontaneous testimony, the living out of the Christ whom we experience and enjoy.

Verse 16 also says, "That I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain." If the Lord’s servant can boast in us, then everything is all right. But if he does not feel positively about us, then we are in difficulty.

(The Experience of Christ, Chapter 5, by Witness Lee)