The Experience of Christ, by Witness Lee

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As we have pointed out, a dog is an unclean person. Now we see that dung is food for unclean people. All the worldly people are unclean, and their food is refuse, trash, dog food. But we, the sons of God, are clean, and our food is Christ. Because He is our food, we need to chew Him, masticate Him, as a cow chews its cud. This is the experience of eating Jesus. Eating is not only a matter of experience, but also a matter of enjoyment. I enjoy every meal I eat. Today we are feasting on Christ. As we feast on Him, we are enjoying Him. The Christ whom we enjoy is what is left over after we have repudiated our flesh. But if we do not reject ourselves and our plans, we shall not have any Christ to eat, for our self and our plans will fill our being and not leave any room for Christ. Therefore, we need to repent and empty ourselves that Christ may have room within us.

The longer we take to eat our food, the more we enjoy it. Likewise, after we reject ourselves, we should enjoy Christ slowly. This is the way to participate in Christ and to feed on Him.


In verse 9 Paul says, "And be found in him." Paul wanted not only to gain Christ, but also to be absolutely in Christ. He counted all things dung that he might gain Christ and be found in Him. He desired that others would find him in Christ. We also need to be found by one another in Christ. However, suppose you find me angrily rebuking a brother. In such a case you surely would not find me in Christ, but in the flesh. Not only people, but also the angels and demons need to find us in Christ. We should be able to say, "Angels and demons, come and see that I am in Christ. I have gained Christ, and now I am in Christ." This is the experience of Christ.

If we live in Christ, we shall be able to release the riches of Christ in the meetings. In our testimonies the riches of Christ will flow out. If we all experience Christ in this way, what an exhibition of Christ there will be in the meetings! This is the church life. This is what we need today. In the midst of this crooked and perverse generation, God is seeking such a testimony. We are here on earth for this. Our testimony is that we gain Christ and that we are found in Him full of enjoyment.

(The Experience of Christ, Chapter 6, by Witness Lee)