The Experience of Christ, by Witness Lee

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If you love the Lord, you need to practice doing everything in Him. You need to check whether you are doing things by yourself or by Him. This is the way to gain Christ and to eat Him. To eat properly we should take in one bite at a time. This means that every day, from morning until evening, we should practice living by Christ in all things. We need to do everything with Him. We should be able to say, "From today onward, I shall quit doing things by myself. I do not want to live by myself any longer. From now on I shall live by Him and do everything in Him." If you do this, what a difference there will be in your daily living!


The issue of practicing the secret of doing everything in Christ is that for us to live is Christ. Because we do all things in Christ, for us to live is Christ. The more we do things in Christ, the more we gain of Christ. This is a genuine, absolute enjoyment. However, not many Christians practice the secret of doing all things in Him. Rather, they like to attend meetings and hear messages. But the only way to live is to live by doing everything in Christ. This is the unique way to magnify Christ. In order to magnify Christ, we need to live by Christ and do everything in Christ. We can do all things in Him who empowers us. For example, as long as we are in the car, everything is all right, for the car with the driver can take us where we need to go. As we are riding along in the car, we can enjoy a pleasant time of sight-seeing. Learn to be quiet in Christ, He never makes a mistake. Sometimes, it may seem that He has made a mistake, but actually this is so that you may have a longer ride, enjoy more sight-seeing, and learn more lessons. The Christian life surely is a wonderful life.

As long as we do things in Christ, we shall experience Him, enjoy Him, and accumulate Him. This is the way to become rich in Christ and to have many rich experiences of Christ. If we all are rich in Christ, the meetings will be full of Christ. This is the Lord’s recovery. For the recovery, we need to have a rich life in Christ to enrich all the meetings. This is the responsibility not only of the elders, but of all the saints, even the youngest and newest ones. We all need to practice living by Christ and doing all things in Christ. This is the secret that we all need to learn today.

(The Experience of Christ, Chapter 10, by Witness Lee)