Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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Peace in the Lord to Brother Chieh Mei:

The year has passed quickly since we parted at the port in Ch’ang-ch’un. Thank and praise the Lord for leading me on to His proper track. But I am weak and have failed God. Because I cannot even care for myself, I do not have the strength to help others. I am not the only one like this; most of the brothers here are in this condition. We are really shallow and do not have many roots. Brother Chiang Shun T’ien is the only one who leads the meetings. Brother An has returned to the country. The most important thing is for some to come to help us and support us on our way. I heard that Brother Watchman Nee is now in Shanghai. Brother Nee promised before that he would come here to see us. Now we are truly hungry and thirsty for his coming. May the Lord accomplish this by sending him here quickly. I also ask you to visit our brother and invite him personally for us, since you are near to him. Ask him to remember us in the Lord and to come quickly. This is our strongest hope. I ask that the Lord keep you in peace. I also greet all the brothers in Shanghai with peace.

Your not-so-wise brother,
Ou Ya Heng
May 19, 1934


To Brother Luan, the co-worker in the Lord:

I received your letter which was forwarded to me from Ch’ang-ch’un yesterday. I was very happy. I really thank the Lord who loves us that He opens doors everywhere and leads us in all places. The Lord is drawing brothers and sisters in your locality to meet in His name. May the Lord release those who have been in the bondage of the regulations of man and lead them into His freedom. May the Lord also personally raise up those who love Him to bear the responsibility for the meetings so that you can hand over the responsibility for the meeting in Hangchow to the local brothers. Then you can come back for the more needed testimony. In March my whole family moved back to Chu Chia Cheng Tze to resume our work in the hospital here. In the future I will not be able to go to Ch’ang-ch’un often. On May 20 we began to have the table meeting here to remember the Lord. Thank our Father God, there are three brothers who are very clear about the truth and who are willing to meet in the Lord’s name. There are also a few sisters. I went to Ch’ang-ch’un on June 1 and saw Brother Chiang. They have really been blessed by the Lord there. They have already rented three buildings for their meetings on Hsi Szu Ma Road in Sister T’ien’s obstetric hospital. We have notified the government; they also welcome our faith. Brothers T’ien P’ing Fang and T’ien Hsin Wu, from east of Ch’ien Yi, will probably be able to come here for a rest in July or August and will also conduct the Bible study. Perhaps they can go to Hangchow to visit you. In Harbin there is a new Pentecostal group, the Assembly of God, in addition to the other denominations. In their work, they only speak of being filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking tongues, and doing miracles. Whoever does not speak in tongues is not saved. (Parts omitted.) Therefore, Harbin desperately needs the light of the truth. I hope that the Lord’s time comes soon to release the captives. The work in Manchuria desperately needs the truth. Many people are praying to God to send Brother Nee here. Please remember us and the needs of your hometown before the throne of grace. Furthermore, Manchuria is short in the sisters’ work. Sister Miao promised to come here, but she has not written us again. Perhaps she is now working in Peking and Tientsin. May the Spirit of the Lord be with you and the brothers and sisters in the meeting in Hangchow. Amen.

Your little brother in the Lord,
An Ching T’ien
June 8, 1934

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 9, by Watchman Nee)