Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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Greetings to the brothers who labor and walk together with us in each locality:

After the Third Overcomer Conference this past January, the co-workers from the various localities had a meeting in Shanghai. In that meeting most of the co-workers expressed the hope that a written testimony could be issued solely for the preaching of the gospel.

Recently, several co-workers in Shanghai also increasingly felt the burden to publish such a written testimony. We have, therefore, decided to publish a paper entitled The Glad Tidings beginning in July of this year. This publication will be solely for the preaching of the gospel to sinners.

The contents of this paper will include three columns: messages, stories, and testimonies. The messages will be simple gospel messages, the stories will be salvation stories of believers from the past, and the testimonies will be salvation testimonies of today’s believers.

This publication will be published by the Shanghai Gospel Book Room. We hope that the co-workers in all the localities will bear the responsibility for the articles. We also hope that every time there are baptisms in the meetings of each locality, the co-workers or responsible brothers and sisters will pay attention to testimonies that can help people and will ask the brother or sister to write out his or her testimony of salvation. They can be published in the testimony column of The Glad Tidings. In this way, many who read the publication can also receive help from the testimonies.

This publication will be free. It would also be good if the brothers and sisters were willing to help with the costs of printing according to the ability the Lord gives them. If the Lord allows, we hope to put out the first issue next month. The following explains how to contribute articles and order the paper:

Contributing Articles:

  1. All articles, whether messages, stories, or testimonies must have the preaching of the gospel as their content. In principle, the stories and testimonies should be clear and true and should help people receive the gospel. It is best if the language is very simple and written in the vernacular style. They should be written neatly. The articles will not be returned even if they are not published.
  2. Please send all articles for The Glad Tidings to Editor: The Glad Tidings, P. O. Box 323, Shanghai.
    Subscription and Promotion:
    1. Whoever is a brother or sister in fellowship with us, and would like to use this publication to do some work with sinners, should clearly write their name, address, and the number of copies requested to: Gospel Book Room, P. O. Box 323, Shanghai, and we will send the papers accordingly.
    2. If the brothers and sisters wish to promote this publication to a new person, please write their name and address clearly and send it to us. Please tell us if you want us to send the publication to them regularly or if we should only send them one trial issue.
    3. If your address is in another province, please do not forget to include the name of your province.

Your brothers,
Watchman Nee, T’ang Shou Ling, Witness Lee
Shanghai, June 5, 1934

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 8, by Watchman Nee)